Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My trip to Militello Val di Catania

I just got back from my trip from Lucerne, Switzerland and Militello Val di Catania, Sicily Italy. I went there with my family: my sister Rebecca, her daughter Sienna, and my parents. Yes, I am very jet lagged!

First, I was in Lucerne for The Rose d’Or Festival, held annually and according to their web site:

draws the best of the year's new entertainment and television programming. It also boasts the most important business rendezvous platform for the onscreen entertainment community. Entry forms for the Rose d’Or competition are sent to more than 2000 producers and broadcasters, internationally.

And then, I was in Militello Val di Catania for one week to receive my honorary citizenship along with attend countless parties! I stayed in my uncle Giuseppe's house where my aunt Paola cooked every imaginable Sicilian dish. It was great! I also learned a little Italian and Sicilian. In the following posts, I'll be sure to include some great food photos from my sister along with traditional Sicilian recipes. I love Sicilian food and wine. It's incredible delicious.

Here is one of the interviews: