Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yours for a day and watching the pounds!

Have you ever wondered about all that cool clothing you see in the media and special events. Many of them, like the dress in this picture, are borrowed for the day! What that means is the dresses might need to be adjusted ever so slightly to make the perfect fit, and it also means "you get what you get!"

Now, why am I bringing this up?

I realized two days ago and even posted it on Facebook that I had gained a few pounds on my parents road trip! And for me, who is usually in skimpy clothing, even 2 pounds can make a difference! And of course wardrobe has their work cut out for them too if they need to loosen waistlines!

But, now that I am back home and at the gym 5 days a week, the pounds will melt! So what do I do to stay in shape? I drink lots of water and reduce my fat and carb intake! I don't go crazy but I keep it in check.

So far I haven't come up with a perfect science for what to eat to stay healthy...but I'd love to hear your ways of staying in shape! And how about if YOU ever had to borrow anything clothing and what that was like!

And I just signed up for twitter! I am figuring it out so stay tuned!

And don't forget to check out my blog on B&B where I finally got to post my sista's chili recipe!


What's hotter than...Super-bowl Chili Sandwiches!

Well, I am sure we can think of a few things (like Donna in Pam's bathing suit!), but let's face it, with the super-bowl around the corner it's the perfect time to share a really awesome recipe!

So, with a little begging I got my sister to part with this cool (I mean HOT) recipe. But shortly after she gave it to me, she posted it on facebook. Go figure. And it took me days to convince her...hee hee. Check out My Official Bold and Beautiful Blog!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Donna Logan becomes an honorary citizen of Militello, Sicily!

I really cannot read what this paper says so we'll just wing it based on what I think it says...I think it says that I (aka Donna Logan) becomes an honorary citizen of Militello, Sicily. If for any reason this is way off would someone tell me?! And they mention something about my sister...but we aren't sure either. Can anyone help me out?

Did you know that Bold and Beautiful, which is called Beautiful in Italy is the most popular show? Yes, it is true! And they obviously dub it into Italian but I have heard that a lot of fans in Italy go to the internet and watch it in English to practice the language. So, how cool is it that people all over the world are learning English from B&B!

Just think...all across Italy people (including my uncle Giuseppe, his wife Paola and kids Marco and Miro) are learning words like hussie, hot tamale, sexy, honey bear, and so on...these B&B frequently used words are now basically being taught to everyone! Don't you love it!!! I think it is really, really cool!

So this week for Donna has really been about Pam and that bikini. I guess it is a sign of the times that Donna and Pam just cannot seem to connect on a loving level...and I suppose Donna should just be thankful that Pam didn't fill the bikini lining with hot red pepper sauce...right? Could you imagine that...?! Ha ha...

And for fun, what other really neat B&B words have you heard during the course of the show? I've love to compile a list and definitions along with it...

For example: honey bear = Eric

and so on...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some road trip pictures...UPDATE!!!

From Crackle: quick sand hunt

I plan to answer all your comments tomorrow and wanted to post a few pictures of my road trip with my parents!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being half Naked on TV...and loving it!

I just posted an entry on Bold and Beautiful expressing how interesting it is that whenever my parents come to town I am some how half naked on national TV...??? but I know, I know what you are going to say.

You'll say that I am half naked most of the time on Bold and Beautiful and so it's only a question of playing the odds.

Fair enough, but when I am sitting right next to my parents somehow all that rationale goes right out the window!

But, I'll admit, I would take a racy Donna over a modest one any day of the week!

On the B&B blog, I mentioned this really interesting thing that happens to my mom...whenever she watches the show she starts to think that I really am Donna? Now I of course know she is half playing with me, but it is kinda funny! Even after the scene she kept asking "you weren't really naked were you?"....Now, I wont answer that!

So, I am with my parents in California this week and traveling with them to Palm Springs and in and around LA. They love coffee, so we have been to a few coffee shops! And early in the morning too!

We are on the road right now and I am making my sister type this!

I'll send her pictures along the way, and ask her to post them. Most of the pictures are coming from my blackberry so they might not be great but hopefully you will get the idea and feel like you are with us!

And if you have any fun road trip stories - TELL ME! I'd love to hear them!

And if you want to see the Bold and Beautiful entries...go to my Official Bold and Beautiful Blog!