Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Anniversary Party & Speaking a little Italian/Spanish mix

Ok. Here is a video at the Bold and Beautiful Anniversary Party where we get caught speak in a little Italian and Spanish. I am trying really hard...and if you understand these languages at all you'll see...I get them completely mixed up. But, the good news is...I do announce that I am going to Sicily in May...(or I sort of announce it because I don't really understand the question!) But I am going to Sicily in May!

More photos and videos are coming...and yes for those of you that know I am a little under the weather, I am getting better. Today I can speak again!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Tongue Twisters: a battle to find the very best!

I got some great replies to the blog "learning from the best" and it really got me thinking of all the cool tongue twisters out there...

And since we are lucky enough to have an international following on this blog and on Bold and Beautiful...I thought it would be really neat to share some of the best tongue twisters from around the world. And then let's compare them!

Do tongue twisters have a recurring theme?
Do tongue twisters have to make sense?
And who can speak tongue twisters better: kids or adults...and why?!

So, share this with as many people as you know so we get all kinds of feedback!

And please let the tongue twister games begin!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Learning from the Best!

I have to say when you get a chance to work with someone like Betty White and Susan Flannery, not only is it memorable, but you can also learn quite a lot.

When were we working together last year, I couldn't get out one of my lines fast enough during rehearsals. The line was:

"Pam belongs behind bars"

Try saying that 3 times really fast! (and do you remember the episode? If so, take your best guess and send it in!)

Anyway Betty and Susan laughed and laughed at me because I kept messing up!!! Betty told me she came to the set just to watch me do this scene even though she wasn't even in it. She just wanted to see if I could get the line out once and for all.

I'll admit, it was pretty funny. By the time I did a few more practice runs, we were all laughing pretty hard.

Thank goodness when we actually got to the taping, I did get the line out in one take!

And to top it off, Susan said-all the while laughing-"Jennifer why didn't you just change the line to something easier?"

Hmmmm...Maybe next time I'll do just that!

And did you ever have a moment where you couldn't get out exactly what you wanted to say? I'd love to hear that I am not the only one!!!