Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My trip to Militello Val di Catania

I just got back from my trip from Lucerne, Switzerland and Militello Val di Catania, Sicily Italy. I went there with my family: my sister Rebecca, her daughter Sienna, and my parents. Yes, I am very jet lagged!

First, I was in Lucerne for The Rose d’Or Festival, held annually and according to their web site:

draws the best of the year's new entertainment and television programming. It also boasts the most important business rendezvous platform for the onscreen entertainment community. Entry forms for the Rose d’Or competition are sent to more than 2000 producers and broadcasters, internationally.

And then, I was in Militello Val di Catania for one week to receive my honorary citizenship along with attend countless parties! I stayed in my uncle Giuseppe's house where my aunt Paola cooked every imaginable Sicilian dish. It was great! I also learned a little Italian and Sicilian. In the following posts, I'll be sure to include some great food photos from my sister along with traditional Sicilian recipes. I love Sicilian food and wine. It's incredible delicious.

Here is one of the interviews:


Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer How nice to read about your travel .. Nice to spending time with family ! I loocking torwards to the recipes =))

Was it hot in Italy ? I dont know this time a year if it is swim weather ore not =))

Very nice picture of you and your Rebecka its not hard to see that you are sisters =))

Have a wonderful evening ore maybe its morning in La ha ha i have no idea =))

Now i have to go because in about 5 minutes B&B start =))

In Sweden now we are at the episode where Donna just got back with Erick and they spend new years eve =))

Hugs Ewa

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

You've a nice trip.
Have you a nice time with your family?

A beautiful photo from you and Rebecca. I love a photo

In Belgium now we are at the episode: Donna as model for Brooke's Bedroom.

Love and big hugs

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Thanks for sharing the photos and the interview. It looks like you and your family enjoyed every minute of the trip, especially the part where you, your mom and Rebecca were named honorary citizens.

I was impressed by the part where the interviewer talked to Rebecca she responded in Italian. I couldn't follow most of what was said, of course, but it sounded like she answered him pretty well. :)

Did you pick up any more words in Italian while you were there?

Looking forward to seeing more photos and the recipes from the trip.

- Scott

Mario LISI said...

I wanted to thank you for the affection of the testimony offered at our small Militello.

At the following link is a gallery of the ceremony:


Thank you for everything and Good Luck

Mario LISI :)

sam bell said...

nice 1 jennifer!
ur whole family is so lovely!
so glad u all got recognized
proud of u all

Vera said...

Oh it was so nice reading about your vacation.... Sounded really nice... This summer i will be in catania aswell, im totally i love with it..... And that video is amazing luved it....

One day we should meet up there.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Ewas Sida- YES.... I loved spending time with my Sicilian family. I had the best short but wonderful experience. It was not hot in Italy when we visited, but according to my Uncle Giuseppe it is rather hot in Sicily now. We had perfect weather. I am glad that you are enjoying BnB, no matter where you are now in the show.

Joke- I know that you will soon be leaving for your vacation in Spain. My sister Rebecca lived in Spain for one year. You should tell her all about your stay. I am sure she would like to hear about it.

Scott We had the best time ever. I know that we received a lot of newspaper and magazine coverage in Italy and Sicily. In fact, after my trip I received so many new and wonderful Italian and Sicilian new Face Book friends.

Mario LISI-Hello and welcome to JG's blog. I am so glad that you found this site!! I am really glad that I had the wonderful opportunity to visit your beautiful city. My grandmother, aunts, parents and sister have been telling me about your town for so long. Everyone said that I just had to go there. They were CORRECT! I LOVE IT!!!

sam bell- I am so glad that you got to see the video. It was so AWESOME. I hope that you will see some photos of this visit in your magazines. Let me know if you do.

Vera-So you love Catania too. Have you ever visited Militello v d Catania. If so you must say "Hello" to my family!

sam bell said...

hey jennifer!
thanks sooo much for ur comment :D
its such a shame there wasnt any articals in the aussie soap magazines about ur trip!
really dissapointed really wanted to send u a copy
from sam
p.s nice 1! love that photo of u and rebecca