Friday, June 5, 2009

What does Bill want from Donna and Why?

The burning question that many of you may be thinking about...What does Bill want from Donna and Why?

If you are scratching your head at this question. Ok, here's the brief back-story.

Bill, a wealthy, powerful (and kinda cute) man comes into Eric's life to take over his company. Eric refuses and so the battle begins (for the company). But wait, maybe that's not the only battle. Along the way Bill notices's he doing about it? You'll have to stay tuned of course to see what happens but now, for fun, let's discuss his motives! Oh how juicy!!!!

So, the question:

What does Bill want from Donna and Why?

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Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

I'm going to qualify this answer a bit after I give it, but here goes:

Given what we know of Bill (and Don Diamont has echoed this), he's a womanizer. We saw this the night Katie passed out in his room when the hotel clerk came to drop off Katie's purse; you could see Bill checking her out and even following here with eyes down the hall as she left. We saw it the day Brooke showed up to confront him about the Logan Chronicles, where he dared her to strip down and show him her underwear. There were even hints of it with Katie when she passed out; sure, Bill didn't do anything, but why bring a drunk woman to his room in the first place? Just to get his keys? No way.

So do I believe Bill when he says he's intrigued by Donna and wants to understand what makes her so loyal to Eric? Do I think he means it when he says he's giving Donna a "better deal" because he thinks Eric will leave her eventually? No way! Donna is yet another conquest to Bill, and I think Donna was right when she predicted Bill would still go after Eric,, even if she slept with Bill.

Now for the reason I said I have to qualify that answer. The big problem to me is that we really know little about Bill other than the fact that he's the possibly illegitimate son of someone from B&B's past who inherited half his dad's empire; that he didn't have a relationship with his father until 10 years ago; and that he plays to win. So with only that little bit of information, how can we really understand what the man is all about? Why does he want Forrester? Did his dad tell him anything about Donna? What was his relationship with Karen like? So many questions, but too few answers.

So ask me again if and when Brad Bell and company decide to let us know more about "Dollar Bill" and I might have a different answer. But until then, all I see is a manipulative, womanizing user, and Donna seems like the latest trophy he wants to put on his mantle.

Vera said...

I wish ya luck reaching your 10,000fans i know that you can do it.... And about the price hm, have to think about that one... LoL...

Ok about the question, to tell ya the truth i dnt know what Bill wants. I mean, im kinda loving Bill besides as you had said hes cute too... And im totally lovin Bill and Donna aswell... Who knows maybe they will fall in love..... But whats hes doing is like a vendetta aswell...

sam bell said...
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sam bell said...

hey jennifer!
how r u?

bill is ok, but i dont really like him he reminds me of rick - evil, manipulative and likes to ruin everyones lives
but i like bill being the new bad person so hopefully there will be less storys on rick ;)

Ewas Sida said...

Hello Jen ! Hope you are fine !

In Sweden its all reiny now so boring .. we are not that far yet in the story so I dont now who Bill are ,, Even do i have sneak peak a little about whats coming up in B&B on youtube =))But what a man want from Donna cant be hard to find out Shes very hot sexy and beautiful .. And maybe the Honeybear needs a little competition ? =))

Do you have any holiday planes this summer ?

I read something on FB about a hot dejt =)) Please tell =))

Take care Hugs Ewa

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

I think that Bill is ok, but Donna is better with Eric than Bill.

I go now saturdag 20th june 2009 and I'm back on 29th june 2009. And I can not waits for you & B&B Cast see agian in August.
We make more pics from us (you & me).

Love Joke

Carolyn said...


I absolutely had to tell you that yesterday's episode where you were on The Price Is Right was, by far, my FAVORITE episode of B&B I've ever seen.

You were impeccable! I never felt so entertained and cracked up upon seeing you freak out when your name was called. For you to have gone from being so completely UNimpressed at going to the studio to being a contestent was just Classic! You really looked like one of those crazy people that get up on that show and freak out. You were GREAT! I'm sitting here giggling about it as I can picture the scenes. I actually saved that show on my TiVo just because I knew I'd want to see it again. TOO FUNNY!

I don't often go to the forum of B&B, but had to see what the buzz was after the first show where you were trying to get into TPIR. Some people said you and Pam reminded them of Lucy and Ethel - even people that never liked Donna enjoyed that stint.

Pour yourself a glass of whatever you drink to celebrate and raise it from me to you giving you a *high five* and a big THANK YOU for such great entertainment. It was great!

As to what Bill wants, he wants Donna's body, mind, and soul. Once he gets it, he'll crush her and walk away. I'm glad she hasn't fallen yet for his antics.

Love your work. You just keep getting better and better.

Have a great weekend and go through the rest of the day knowing that you really swept me away from my troubles and worries. I was wishing the whole show was just of you and Pam on that silly game show. Didn't give a hoot about any of the other storylines. I have a big smile on my face just thinking about it. You Rock!

All the best,

sam bell said...

hey jennifer!
its a shame facebook had a 5,000 friends limit, im sure u would of got 1,000's and 1,000's more
hey i saw on ur facebook fan page theres like 40,000 fans! thats huge!
ur doing so good! so many people adore u!
i think ur so awsome and ur whole family is too!
ur birthday is coming up soon im gonna start getting ready for ur bday package! cant wait to send it
and congrats on the cbs blog! so many blogs now thats great! love reading them and the videos and photos!
take care
from sam

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Scott - It seems to me that you know a lot about our $$ Bill. Did you help to write the script?
I think that Donna knows that he wants only another trophy to display should be get the prize.
Knowing that might keep her safe from his grabbing arms....but... when did knowledge always keep us at of harm's way?

Vera-You are correct on both topics! FB is really going wild!!!
They did post a ceiling for friends, (they allow only 5 K) but one can always join the fan page.
ALSO....$$$$Bill is really a very attractive young man! He knows how to serve his goods.

sam bell- Do not worry... at this time Donna knows Bill's character. She can see through him.
Let's make sure her vision does not alter. Keep reminding her of her role as Mrs. Donna Forrester!

Ewas- So life in Sweden is great! How is your summer? It is beautiful in California, and so is the east coast where I just returned. Even cold northern Vermont sees the sun again! I love this season, because I can return home and do feel like the ice age is back. Keep watching and cheering for Donna Logan. She needs all of the friends she can get.

Joke-So I think you are just returning from Spain. Tell me all about it. Actually you should tell my sister Rebecca she lived in Spain for one year. Welcome back to BnB
. See you soon.

Carolyn- THANK YOU!!!!! I loved filming those sessions. I really love working with all of the cast, and Donna and Pam are especially great together. I think Pam and I should each pour ourselves a glass of (wine, coffee or whatever) and celebrate the wonderful time we had and will continue to have on BnB. I really appreciate your positive comments. It means so much to me! Keep glad you wrote to tell me this. You put a smile on my face now!

sam bell.....thanks for your comments and continued support. I am glad we can connect in so many ways. I have really enjoyed your input.

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thanks so much for all ur comments
keep all ur good work
ur doing such a good job

Scott N said...

Did I write the script, Jen? Unfortunately, no, but I have some ideas about Bill if anyone's interested. :-)

My biggest peeve about the Bill story - which had me excited when I heard about it, since I love when they tie in stuff from B&B history - is that it went too fast IMO. I mean, the guy arrived in town and mounted a hostile takeover in mere weeks? Even for a soap, that was fast.

It looks like Bill now has his eye on Katie, who warned him to stay away from the very happily married Donna. Maybe Donna might have to go from being Bill's prey to the protector of her little sister?

Joke Devos said...

Thank you. I've my report sent to you and your sister & mother.

I see you soon

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