Thursday, August 20, 2009

Behind the Crown...Royalty Photos!

Just two photos from behind the scenes of the royalty episodes!

Hey, did you know we go back to work next week...and right before that it's the Day Time Emmys and the Annual Bold and Beautiful Fan Event. I am really excited because I have received notes that lots of you are coming. Make sure to bring your cameras! Let's see how many photos we can post all over the internet! I think we can top 100 photos. Are you up for the challenge?!

And in case you didn't get this video that Texas took during the Royalty photo shoot, which was first posted on my CBS blog, check it out...and don't you love his "faceoff" as he calls it. He is really cute.


Ewas Sida said...

wow very nice dresses seems like fun =))

Hope everything is good with you Jennifer ! Did you have a great holliday ?

All my best always Ewa

Scott N said...

I loved the whole royalty thing, Jennifer - and was glad when the Forresters won! Ridge even complimented Donna; will wonders never cease! :-)

And yes, I'll have my camera ready, w/extra batteries and an extra memory card. I had a ton of photos from the 07 event (still up on my web site), and I'm looking to get even more from this year's event.

Angelique said...

great photo´s great blog, see you soon! and thanks for all the cards!

Love Angelique

Joke Devos said...

great photo´s great blog, see you soon

Ewas Sida said...


And Thank your sweet mom for her kind respond of the Birthday card i send you !

It make my day i was very touched by it and happy =))

You are so sweet and kind =))

Again thank you ,, Love Ewa / Sweden

Ewas Sida said...

Congratulations !!! =))

To you and all the other for the EMMY =))

I am so happy for you all !! And you looked fantastic you and Katherine were so Beautiful =))

I wish i been at the fan event =( Maybe next time ..

How has your summer been ?

Take care jennifer ..

Love Ewa

Norma Jean said...

Hi Jennifer, love the dress...yours is the best one :)

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, it's been a while since our Price Is Right Episode taping. I hope to be back on the show again soon.

Here's wishing you a great weekend and many blessings, always.

Your actress friend,
Norma Jean

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