Friday, August 29, 2008

A fairytale: a castle, a handsome prince, and an award!

Me in Monte Carlo and enjoying the sun, water, and great company!

This summer the soap opera, The Bold and Beautiful, sent myself ( Donna Logan) and Kyle Lowder (Rick) to be their representative at the film festival in Monte Carlo to accept the award as the #1 soap opera in TV.
I had the chance to live like a princess for a week! It was a wonderful experience!
And for those who are wondering, the answer is yes. Prince Albert is really cute and so charming! I am going to post a few pictures in my next blog entry, so make sure to stay tuned.

Thanks B&B for sending me!


Carolyn said...

Prince Albert Grimaldi???

That's my last name, but unfortunately I was born on this side of the pond rather than in Monaco!

Great pictures of you. Love the outfits. Thanks for guiding me here from the B&B blog. I didn't know about the award. Sending a big Congratulations for you contribution to making B&B such a success. This summer would've been boring as *ell without your character. Like I said, I would've stopped watching, but you had me hooked on what Donna was going to do next. *high five*

sam bell said...

thats awomse how u went to monaco
u could be the next grace kelly!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Caryloyn: I am glad that you are watching...some really exciting stuff is on the way soon. Are you writing from the US? Trying to see where you are in the timeline. What did you think of Donna Logan hiding in the crate and her eye looking out? Wasn't that fantastic?!

Sam bell: Monaco is beautiful! I'd certainly love to go back.

Joke said...

I love your photo from Monaco

Carolyn said...

Thank you for writing back, Jennifer.

I did love Donna in the crate. Not sure if you're familiar with Wallace and Gromit - particularly the episode: The Wrong Trousers. Gromit actually hides from the penguin in a box and your eyes reminded me of him in the box. It was great! I'm giggling just thinking about it now.

I'm in the USA and live in Connecticut. Unfortunately, I've never had the pleasure of getting over to Monaco, but hopefully someday. (And hopefully Albert gets on the stick and has a child because if not, the Grimaldi's lose the land.)

I hope you're having fun on the job. I'm waiting for Donna to get her spicey side back and take on Stephanie in fighting for her man. When I was watching yesterday and "Donna" said that Stephanie didn't know her and what she was capable of, it definitely got us psyched to see what she's got in mind.

dj ashrafi said...

jennifer,kyle and monte thats a fairytale itself!!! who needs anything more!!!