Thursday, August 28, 2008

Had a Bear of a Time...

Ok, silly title, but you'll enjoy the humor once you read this entry.

I had a wonderful summer vacation and I am ready to work. You will not believe what happens on the CBS soap opera The Bold and Beautiful. It is so exciting!
You have to watch it to believe it. Pam* and I (playing Donna Logan) filmed it and I still cannot believe it.

We have a scene with a 600+ pound Grizzly Bear! O.K. is trained, but still that is a pretty big animal! I had a lot of concerns until the film department told me just how all of this could be done. Just watch and give me your thoughts. You will hear plenty of screams and shouts, you might not want to have the volume on the TV too loud, but know that it was filmed safely (I'm alive, so really how bad could it be...) The worst that happened is that my hands were a tiny bit sore from being tied so tightly.

Check it out...

*Pam is Pam Douglas played by Alley Mills


sam bell said...

wow ur so lucky i love grizzly bears! :D

sam bell said...

the bear episode is finally on this week!
ive been waiting months for this storyline i cant wait to see!