Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Sandi Laughs-a-Lot said...

Hi Jennifer

I love the skirt! So glad I know about your blog so I can keep up with your busy life. I'd love to have your newsletter; it looks so full of photos and newsy details. Thanks! Your hometown friend:)

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Thanks for replying. I'll be sure to keep you informed as we pull together our Fall/Winter Newsletter! We'll post it on-line and try to keep it interesting...suggestions are welcome!

Joke said...

Yes I will a glady your newsletters received.

Thank you so much. I've a fansite about you. I will help with you.
http://www.bloggen.be/jennifergareis I hope that you like. I go these week update


laurence37190 said...

I'm french. So glas I know your blog.

I'd love to have your newsletter.

Carolyn said...

Hey Jennifer! Just found this page. How cool - you're going to do a newsletter, I'd love to receive a copy.

As to suggestions, I'd have to think about it. Guess I do wonder if your brothers and sisters ever tease you about some of the lines and things you have to do in B&B. Do you all still get together once a year for the holidays?

With all due respect to John M., (Eric on B&B), I don't know how you pulled off the kissing and love scenes that you did. You did it though! You have everyone believing that "Donna really does love Eric." It kinda blows me away. You must've been glad to have Brandon come onto the set.

Can't believe you're in school and on B&B at the same time. Don't know how you manage to get to classes, take the tests, and be at work and remember your lines there. You must have an incredible memory.

Would love to hear some of your beauty secrets...do you follow a diet, is swimming the way you keep in such great shape? How do you keep your skin so beautiful and your hair so prestine? How do you wind down from the day?

Thanks for writing this blog for us. In a day when so much is going wrong in the world (like on Wall Street right now), it sure is fun and refreshing to chat with one of my favorite actresses. Many famous people don't do that anymore and although I understand it because there's a lot of freaks out there, it's kind of sad that they don't. Anyway, the time you take out of your very busy life is much appreciated. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

All the best,

Carolyn said...

Wupps! Sorry Jennifer, I just found the Summer Newsletter, so you can scratch the request on what you do to wind down and the exercise question. :)

sam bell said...

hey id love to sign up for ur newsletter please
thank u
love sammyb

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

I am glad that everyone likes my newsletter. My first couple newsletters were printed and I have now decided to post them on my website instead. This way I can make changes, etc. up to the last minute! Stay tuned as I am working on how to create really cool newsletters with information you want to read about...so comments on what you want to know, etc. would also be so appreciated!

sam bell said...

hey in ur newsletters i want 2 know what ur day is like, like what u do in a normal day, that would be interesting!

and normal things like where u live and what u like to do, things u like, things u dont like, places u have been, places u wanna go

in other words everything lol

Joke said...

Wow thank you so much.
I'm great fan from you, Jennifer. You're sweety.


Vera said...

Thats a great newsletter and thankx for the website of Militello. Im crazy for Sicily so hopefully next time that i visit ( february i guess with my BFF ) will be there!!! i would love to have your newsletter... BTW im so happy to hear that you have family in sicily, im crazy for it!!

sam bell said...

hey jennifer i know all the questions to the 5 questions:

1. is B Arnold schwarzengger.
2. is D Teal green dress.
3. is A Katie and Brooke.
4. is A 1987-1988.
5. is D Thorn Forrester.

Joke said...

Here are my answer on your questions:

1. B Arnold schwarzengger.
2. D Teal green dress.
3. A Katie and Brooke.
4. A 1987-1988.
5. D Thorne Forrester.

I wish you & your family a very happy days.

Love Joke

Vera said...

kk here are mine

A-Arnold Schwaarzenegger ( hope i spelled his surname correct )

B- Teal green

C-Katie and Brooke


E-Thorne Forrester!!!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

Great idea about posting the newsletter online. It'll get it into your fans' hands quicker and easier.

Here are by answers to the questions:
1. B Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2. D Teal green.
3. A Katie and Brooke.
4. A 1987-1988.
5. D Thorne Forrester.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Thanks for all your comments. I am preparing a holiday newsletter...the one here was summer...Do you have any suggestions on what I would include in my holiday newsletter? Does anyone cook? Do you want recipes? pictures? Tell me!!!!!

Joke said...

Maybe Your Christmas wishs for your fans.

Vera said...

A recipes wont be bad, i love cooking.

And as Joke had said, whats your wish for christmas and more piccies!!!!

sam bell said...

hey is the holidays news letter ur making is it for christmas?
ya recipes would be great!
recipes of food u like to eat at christmas time! and how u celebrate and what u do!
and a photo of u in a santa hat lol

Joke said...

And maybe also a christmas photo from you self.

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
i made you and rebecca a christmas photo u guys are wearing christmas hats and look so cute lol

ill send it to you and rebecca closer to christmas time ill put it in ur christmas cards

i put it on my facebook heres the link

i hope u like it :)

dj ashrafi said...

yeh i want to receive newsletter...but where will u send it?