Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here's another goof ball video. Did I just ask someone to go to BED with me! Oh my....

From Crackle: lighting and Italian

The beauty of learning a new language is you can almost say anything without being embarrassed. I mean afterall you are trying and attempting to communicate so it's only natural you would make mistakes! Well, this one "mistake" was a little more deliberate, but that's ok! All in good fun!!

I am pretty sure I am saying, "Do you want to come back to my bed..."

Have you ever been in this situation? And if you have, tell me the story...I want to post a few on my Facebook page to share with everyone!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
hope u had a happy easter
i love ur videos ur so funny!
u do a really good job talking in other languages! i couldnt do that
in this video ur like a crazy italian woman lol

Ewas Sida said...

Jennifer have the best time in Italy =)) See you soon =))


David Stahl said...

Dear Jennifer,
I feel the B&B is remarkable in its script. The role caracters have superb lines and very detailed, and emphazised, facial expressions. Also, photography is excellent. When Thorne was planning that false film with another boy and girl looking like Owen and you, it was enough to show him for a few seconds looking at photographs of models in order to make the viewers know what was going to happen. At the same time, it’s technically surprisingly primitive. Sometimes there are irrelevant sounds or shadows, and it always takes place on the same sets: Erics office, Brooke’s house etc. Rarely there are any outdoor scenes. This is quite unusual for american productions, normally it’s the other way round. The B&B is more like a French serial.

Here in Sweden Eric has finished you off after seeing that false film. I have a feeling that you will make a come back - I hope you will be more vicious and feisty then. Tell the script writers to make you into the ”old Donna”!

Joke Devos said...

Jennifer,I hope that you have the best time in Italy =)) See you soon =))

vito said...

HI Jennifer , i hope you will have fantastic days in my land ( Sicily).
Today ( 25 /04) is a wonderful day with sun and i'm ready to go on the beach with my girlfriend and friends :) :)

When you will be in Sicily Jenny?


Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Hope you enjoy your time in Sicily.

I have one of those funny language stories for you that came from my high school chemistry teacher. One time, he went on vacation to France, so he depended on a French-English dictionary to fill in his language gaps. One day, he was looking for a train station, so he looked up the word for station in the dictionary and asked. But he mispronounced the word, so what he asked instead of "Where is the train station?" was "Where is the war?"

The person he asked looked at him funny, but it wasn't until later that he learned why! :-)

Vera said...

That was a great movie, lol soooo funny..But your doing good...

Scott that was soooo funny, omg wheres the war? hm just round the corner, so funny. But atleast he tried cos i to tell wheres the toilet? in french tooked me 2 hours, to learn it... Never go back there again. Prefer Gozo where i hate with a passion!