Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Anniversary Party & Speaking a little Italian/Spanish mix

Ok. Here is a video at the Bold and Beautiful Anniversary Party where we get caught speak in a little Italian and Spanish. I am trying really hard...and if you understand these languages at all you'll see...I get them completely mixed up. But, the good news is...I do announce that I am going to Sicily in May...(or I sort of announce it because I don't really understand the question!) But I am going to Sicily in May!

More photos and videos are coming...and yes for those of you that know I am a little under the weather, I am getting better. Today I can speak again!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
awsome video!
i have no idea what u 2 were talking about tho lol
i hope u have a nice trip to sicily :D

Vera said...

Wow that was a great video, and you sorry had cracked me up.. Speak italian well.

My bestfriend is much worse then you are cos she doesnt understand a word.. Or even worse speak it ( and were going to italy 30 march )... And i was like that, before i learned it. And its my secound off language. BTW Dan speak it great and so does windsor for some help lol!!

For what is that video for????

Take care and gett better soon

Ewas Sida said...

Ciao Jennifer tutto bene ?;)

That party sounds so nice =))

What a cute dog to whoes ? =))

I think you did good with your Italian / Spanish but i cant speak it ha ha so i dont know ha ha ..

all i can in Italian is like Ciao come stai , ore cosa fai stasera =))

And Spanish is even worse i think all i know is -Uno Cervesa =))and gracias =))

I do write in Italian sometimes but then i have a lexicon right here on the table =))Without that i am lost ha ha =))

Sounds nice go to Sicily i want to go to Italy to I want to see Rom and Venice ore maybe Portofino ? =))

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend =))

See you soon =)) Take care Hugs Ewa

dj ashrafi said...

ha ha ha if only i knew what youll what saying....but you both sure seem like youll are having fun in the video...ha ha ha

Robert C. said...

Since I'm Canadian I could pick out a few words if it was French. Since it's Italian/Spanish I have no clue. :)

Fun video though.

Joke Devos said...

Wow beautiful video


Ewas Sida said...

Hello Jen !!

How are you ? We finally got some warm nice Spring Sun in sweden yey im so happy for that =))

So you have a date this weekend ?

I had a date yesterday was very Nice ha ha =)) Was the first in long time so it was a little special =))

Good Luck to you =))

Make him a good stu and some garlic bread and sallad =))

Have a wonderful time =)))

Hugs Ewa

Tammy said...

That was hysterical! OMG between you and Clark, then Eric's face when you called him spousa I think he looked at you like you were cursing him out! LMAO Thank you, Jen!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Sam-Hello again. You said that you have no idea what we were talking about on the video, well today I really do not know either! But for sure we did have fun at the
22 years Anniversary Party!

Vera-Where will you visit in Italy? I will start in Switzerland and then fly to Catania, Sicily. I am so excited to visit family and friends there!

Ewa- I am glad that I will not be alone in Sicily. I will connect with my family. Well, a part of my family! I will be joined by Mom, Dad and sister Rebecca and her children. Of course I will also be met by my Uncle Giuseppe and all of the wonderful citizen of Militello. I will let them do the talking for me, I can just enjoy the beautiful scenery and wonderful people!

di ashrafi- Watching the video I know that I did not completely know what I was saying. One thing for sure, I did have the most fantastic time at the anniversary party. I have the best fun and enjoyed myself so much with my great BnB family!

Robert C. I also did not have a clue! But it was really fun!

Joke- You would have loved to be there!

Ewas Sida- Yes, garlic bread and onions are so delicious. But eating them and then going out on a date is not advisable UNLESS of course your date ate the same thing!

Vera said...

Hey i visited Italy on 30th of March. The people are so kind,sweet gentle and amazing. I love them more.

But it had ended in a tragedy, as on 3 april 2009, my friend had died in her sleep... We went to suppor special olympics bocce team... Shes truely missed..

WoW your going to have a great journey wow luv that.

I will go back no matter what.