Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first video for our new CBS Blog!

Here is my first video for our new CBS Blog!

I am going to start posting more video blogs, as you'll see you can say and do so much more than print! In this video I go through a few of my favorite B&B scenes, outfits, and hairdos. I would really love to hear yours...we are collect them and I am planning something fun with it. So tell me whatever you can so I can recall the episode...! And if you actually have a picture, and you also are on FaceBook, please send post it on my wall and tag me and of course tell me!

As you might know, our Fan Event is the end of August and just around the corner! I hope to see you there...


Ewas Sida said...

Hello Jen !!

Thanks for your comment answers =)

The videos is a fun idea ..=)

Nice og you put it in this blogg to because i cant watch it on your B&B blogg =(

My summer is alright i guess a little reiny but sweden always is =)
Hope you are having a great time on B&B ..

I would have love go to that fan event in august but i cant right now because im a little short out of money so cant travel to LA blää if i win the Lotto i go =)

Take care Jen see you soon .. Hugs Ewa

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jeniifer,

The video is so nice.
We can not see by CBS Blog, Because we live in Belgium.

I have a packet for your birthday.
I send next week to you.

And I see you in August.

Lots of Love

Angelique said...

love your blog! it is fun to watch..
can´t wait to see more of them, and you in August!

sam bell said...

hey jen!!
loved it when pammy poured all that honey on u and then all the glitter stuck to u
reminded me of that strange horror movie carrie with sissy spacek
glad pammy used honey and not blood! lol
pammy has done so many tricks on donna! when is donna gonna get even with pammy and trick her back

btw love ur blog videos!
u should go on a tour through the set and ur dressing room that would be awsome too!

take care and enjoy the weekend
from sam

p.s was it real honey? was it hard to wash off?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer Gareis you are a beautiful actress I am happy every day to see you in The bold and the beautiful relationship I like the Donna / Eric
especially continue to be as glamorous and sexie in series and in life

see you

brightboyz said...
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brightboyz said...
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brightboyz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.The Bold and the Beautiful wouldn't be beautiful,without you.Recieved your photo.Beautiful summer greetings smile.Will write soon.

Ewas Sida said...

Happy Birthday Jen !!

Hope you have a wonderful day with a big cake and all your friends and family =)) I send you a card in meil =)

Take care now and lots of love =D

Ewa / Sweden

Tommyharg said...

Happy 8-1-70 Birthday - my bold and beautiful mommie.
May you experience many more.
Love you,Bobby,and Gavin!