Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How many types of kisses are there?

On my Bold and Beautiful Blog I just wrote about the different types of kisses that Donna has had (it should be up some time today)...

For Donna, so far, I have this list:

Revenge Kiss
Love Kiss
Guilty Kiss
Desperate Kiss
Friendly Kiss
Fake Kiss
Grateful Kiss
Motherly Kiss

Surely there must be more...can you help me figure this out...

And some have asked, "what's the real difference between when this happens in real life and when you are acting?" For me, when I act them out, the emotions have to be the same as in real life. I guess what I have learned is that to make these kisses convincing, I really have to be in that state of mind...Speaking of which, how many of you saw what happened yesterday to poor Donna? Eric KISSED Stephanie!

Wasn't that beyond shocking that poor Donna is OUT! Listen, even my own parents called me totally shocked saying (and they know the show isn't real, but still...) "What the heck is Donna doing letting Eric slip away and kiss someone else?!"

Now based on last week's voting, 40% of you are cheering that Eric dumped Donna...

Poor Donna, will she ever get a break? And who else will she be kissing? Or maybe for now, she'll be licking her wounds and watching others kiss from the sidelines...


Robert C. said...

On TV there's always the "Surprised Kiss" when one character has no idea they are about to get kissed by another one.

They're talking or being distracted. Turn their head and all of a sudden they're being kissed. LOL.

After they have a stunned look on their face. Or depending on the scene they slap the guy. :)

dj ashrafi said...

well i can think of 2 more types of kisses
1.passionate kiss -donna and eric
2.forceful kiss -donna and owen
what ever the kiss maybe your the best kisser from all the actresses on the bold and yes indeed very convincing..you do make the viewers wonder if in real life you have feelings for yorr co stars...

Lauren said...

What do you mean "its not real"???? Next thing you're going to start telling stories about Santa and the Tooth Fairy

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
whats up

i knew dowen would win the votes but i still like donorne! maybe 1 day u 2 will get back toegther, i think u 2 could have lots of fun!
im sure stephanie would love that lol

ive been thinking of more types of kisses to add to your list, buts its hard
what about a sorry kiss?
like if donna would kiss eric to say sorry and try to make up

yesturday owen saved u from the bear, and u 2 were kissing and it showed eric waking up from the coma
i cant wait to see whats gonna happen!!

i like the photo on the diving board at the pool! ur dress is long imagine if u stepped on it and tripped into the pool! lol

love sam

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

I love the photo from B&B Cast 2008

I think:
1.Passionate kiss -Donna and Eric
2.Forceful kiss - Donna and Owen


Carolyn said...

Of course you can't forget:

The Blown Kiss
The Two-Cheek Kiss
The Air Kiss
The Kiss Off

Vera said...

WoW jen great blog about kisses hmmmmm...

Ok i think the first was love kiss since deric got married ( to you the truth wasnt happy about that ).And, yea i dunno how im saying that its a love kiss wow!!!

And the sec of chorse love kiss, between my couple. Donna and Owen... Hey you guys look so HOT together!!!! bdw I get jealous of you, kissing Owen he he he!!!! :p ( joke )

And, yea im so happy that dowen winned. I just knew it.....Even if we wont have Deric, Dowen,Thonna i will be always donna fan even if she will be alone... Always and forever!!!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

On your B&B Blog, I listed a bunch of "Family Kisses" - I broke it down a bit, and then realized that maybe one big "family category" would be better. Some might say that family might be covered under "friendly kiss", but I think a kiss between family members has something a bit unique that goes beyond friendship.

For right now, Donna might want to think about forgetting about kissing until she figures out why Eric changed his mind about her. Kisses will just distract her from that, don't you think?

A Trivita Mom said...

I was against the may/dec marriage but Donna is a better choice for a wife than meddling Steph is.

yuk kiss- Steph kissing eric

rickn14 said...

I think and hope Eric and Donna finish together.I see Donna and Eric kissing,that look so real,because of you Jenny.you put so emotion in the character of Donna.You're really good actress.
a la prochaine

Logan said...

I think Donna should find a way to share MORE lip locks with Owen! :D
He loves her so much and I think they would make a great couple.

Janis Petzold said...

I think that Donna should be alone for a little while,but then She should get together with Owen.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Robert C. I am sure that they must have a few recorded "surprised kisses" on BnB. Of course, it is anything but surprise for a great "kiss and slap" camera shot. That might be a more difficult kiss to film.

di ashrafi-I have learned to put feeling into my scenes. BUT, I must say that if I have several emotional scenes to film that day, I am exhausted by the end. It also plays with my emotions. It can wring me out!

Lauren-Careful what you say about Santa, he will be visiting me very soon. Hopefully no more visits from the Toothfairy!

sam bell- Hello and thanks so much. I always love getting a "little glimpse of your great country" with everything you send! I really enjoy your packages!!!!
About the bear scene....it was a real fun scene to film. The crew of BnB worked so hard on that scene. I love to see the final blending of my part and the bear scenes together. I almost felt like we were on the set at the same time.

joke- I received you great package. I love it! I am displaying everything in my dressing room. I am so glad to connect with you and cannot wait until our summer fan event to see you again in person. Until then, I send this thanks via the internet!

Carolyn-Yes, of course. How could I forget the Blown Kiss? I have an aunt who is always giving everyone these blown kisses. I guess during "cold/flu season" they might be the best kind to receive.

Vera- A huge thanks for sending a little piece of Lourdes to Beverly Hills. I have displayed this in my dressing room. Did I tell you that my cousin went to Lourdes two years ago? It was an awesome experience for everyone. Such a pilgrimage!

ScottN- I should be very disappointed with Eric. Of course, I (Donna that is) should think about this very carefully. If Eric's family has so much power over him, what might that mean for her (my) future? What do you do when the person you love has a past history with someone else no one likes? This can be a problem!

A Trivia Mom-Actually Donna and Eric do have an amazing chemistry together. So, you saw that kiss with Eric and Stephanie. What do you think Eric was saying to himself? That would be an interesting question to ask.

rick14-I tell you Donna (my character) really feels chemistry for Eric. Now you ask me if that translates to mean, if I (Jennifer) feels anything like that for real life John Mc Cook; I say NO WHY! We leave our characters on the set. We pick them up when we return the next day.

Logan-Yes, Owen is really in love with Donna. BUT, for this to work it must be a two way street. Right now it is One Way!

Janis- You are correct some times it is good to be alone. I do not think that Donna is that kind of person, she needs a man!!

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

Thank you so much for comment.
I'm so glad that you like.


Vera said...

Oh Jen you are sooooo welcome.... And im really glad that you had liked them..... I appreciate that you had liked them....

I dont think so, but once you there.. Its an amazing place esp the grotte!!!

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thank u for ur comment!!
i loved the bear episode it was great!
was it hard to wash off all that honey?
im glad u liked ur package :D
i loved the scrap book the best
let me know if u try the vegemite!

love sam

Logan said...

That may be true NOW however
I think that may turn around. I think deep down Donna may have some feelings for Owen and sooner or later they just may come to surface.
I'm not too happy with Eric right now and his spying on Donna.
Also I'm wondering if there is a reason behind's Thorne's madness.
Could it be possible that he may still love Donna? If Eric is back with Stephanie (like he usually end up) could there be a Donna/Owen/Thorne story in the works? That would be very interesting.
Donna just has so many hot men to choose from. :D

Scott N said...

Well, Jennifer, you're right that Donna should be disappointed in Eric about the spying. He said he forgave Donna for the kisses with Owen, and if he had any doubts, he should have been open with Donna about them rather than testing her. And I think that's the key about his being fooled by the fake video. To me, it's not so much that his family has that much power over him, but rather that he let himself be so easily taken in by Thorne's deception. If there wasn't a part of Eric that had doubts, he never would have been spying, and it was that doubting part of him that Thorne was able to prey on. As bad as the Forresters are for their deceptions - and Donna should know that deception is common in that family based on her own experience and Brooke's - Eric's the one who fell for it because he still had doubts. But can Donna forgive him for that in the same manner that he gave her a second chance after he caught her with Owen when he came out of his coma?

jennylenseman said...

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