Monday, December 29, 2008

Singing in the New Year..updated with singing video!!!!

I just arrived back to Los Angeles after a full week on the East Coast. It was loads of fun! I traveled around to every one's houses to hang out and eat!

Yesterday my aunt Margie and uncle Gino hosted the Gareis family at their lake house where we broke out the x-box and played rock star for hours! I've decided this is my favorite new toy...I'll be sure to post a video soon of our singing, which..ahem..wasn't stellar but really really fun. Here are a few pictures of this amazing party!!! And the video is below...!!!!

Happy Holidays and I strongly suggest singing in the new year, I know that's what I plan to do!


Mike© said...

Welcome back to Los Angeles! It looks and sounds as if you had a great time with your family over the holidays. Staying tuned for the videos..... :)

sam bell said...

hey jen
glad u had a nice holiday and a safe trip back to LA
looks like u had so much fun!
thanks for sharing ur new pictures
ur family looks nice!
how did ur gift game go this year?
i love the picture of the sky at the lake!
i see twins! r they ur auntys?
and i think i see a girl from 1 of rebeccas crab videos?maybe its ur cousin

have a great new years!!
i wonder what 2009 will have waiting for donna logan

love sam

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

You have wonderful Christmas day.
And you have also a nice time with your family..

wow You've wonderful photos

Love Joke

Carolyn said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for being thoughtful by sending us a New Year's blog. Love getting them.

Glad to see you got home to spend some quality time with the family. Everyone looks so relaxed and happy. Hope you saw some snow while you were back here in the East.

I'm sure you'll be back in your routine after this week, so hope you continue to have a good time and get some rest before school and work starts up again. Had missed your presence on B&B when the Phoebe thing was going on, but glad to see you're back at it.

All the best in 2009!

Carolyn said...


By the way, thanks for the short ribs recipe. Here's a chicken parmesan recipe that Giada makes and it is Deeeeelicious! It's not heavy as it's not breaded, but made with fresh spices, not only does it cook up quickly, but you'll love the smell in your house. Also liked it because it's not drenched in marinara sauce or cheese. Strongly advise you trying it. If you don't make the marinara sauce yourself (which it's not really that necessary), it can be cooked from start to finish in about 20 minutes.

Here's the link:

Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer !

Very nice pictures it seems you got a lovely family .

It looked like a very nice time ..

Its time and days spent like that who really mean something in life.

I wish you a happy new year and fantastic new years evening !

Take care , love Ewa

Vera said...

Heya welcome back to LA.... How did it went in east cost?!?! From the photos you sounded like you had a plenty of fun, and im so glad that you had camed back safety.. Cant wait to see the videos cos im sure they are fun to watch!!!!

P.S. in all of those photos u looked stunning as always!!!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Glad to hear you're back home safe and sound and that you had a great time back East. I'm not sure how it was where you were with your family, but here it was actually pretty warm, although we needed it after a spat of snow and ice that we had the week before.

Looks like ROCK STAR was a hit in your aunt and uncle's house. Looking forward to seeing the videos. I don't think I'll be singing much into the New Year, though, since I don't want any glass to shatter from my not-so-great singing voice. :) Still, you can't help but sing Auld Lang Syne when the ball drops.

What was on the menu? Everyone's smiling in the picture at the dinner table, so it must have been good.

Wishing both you and Donna a happy and healthy New Year!

- Scott

vito said...

Happy new year dear Jenny !!!

how will be your 31 dicember night waiting the 2009 ?
Tonight i will be with family and friends ( 38-42 people around a table !!!!),
MenĂ¹ ( from last mum news):


"Fettuccine" with crustaceans

Swordfish and red shrimp.

" Cassata Siciliana " and " Cannoli"

Happy New Year from Sicily.


P.S: let me know when you will be in " La Sicilia" newspeaper.


Vera said...

LMAO, i cant stop laughing. I saw the video once again and its hilarus... You are sooo funny... But for sure you had plenty of fun,cos we can see that...

Thank ya for sharing that!!! soooooooooooo sweeeetttttttttt video!!!

VITO: you ate swordfish?!?! I love that sooo much, and your mom did what my mom did cannoli yummmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!

sam bell said...

i just watched the video
its so funny!!!
i liked when u were shaking ur head around that was funny!
you and rebecca rocked!

Logan said...

No one needs to hear me sing.
I sing in my car with the volume turned up so I drown myself out! LOL
Actually when I'm making my pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving...I do sing along to my CD's. My cat LOVES it (not really LOL)
I'm glad you had a great Christmas
and I hope your New Year is just as grand!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Mike@- Thanks for the comment and the beautiful card. I had the best time with my family! They really are great!

sam bell-Everything went so well and the time went so fast! I could not believe that I was there for one week. I am so glad that you enjoyed the video. We had the best time with the X-Box and want to do this game again. It works best if you have a large crowd. Each person gets sillier than the one before. Yes, Rebecca rocks!!!
Donna Logan will have a fun New Year!

Joke- Yes, I had a wonderful time with my family. I think I should be singing you a song, "Happy Birthday to You..Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Joke Happy birthday to you. and many more!!!!!!"

Carolyn- I am glad that you enjoyed the blog and video. I had so much fun making it. We were laughing so much. I am back and getting ready to return to school and CBS. I enjoy my job and school so it makes it fun to return to them.
PS....Thanks for the recipes.

Ewas Sida- Thanks for the comments. I must say that we have the best time when my family is together. I live the farthest away and I do not get to return as often as I would like. Everyone else gets together so much more...and they do send me photos!

Vera- I am glad that you watched the video and I hope that you enjoyed it. It is fun making something so silly!

Scott- I enjoyed all of the food that we had at the dinner table, even the LA crawfish!
Everyone brought something to add to the meal. My cousin Barbara Ann make the best roast, mashed potatoes, peas, salad, etc., etc., and of course my sister made crab cakes!

Vito- I am glad that all of your family celebrated. Tell me more about your meal. We did have some interesting items at our table. Get ready for the article...."La Silica" is almost ready to put on my personal blog! BTW check out Facebook. it is there! Tell me exactly what it says...OK! I am going to go to Sicily, so is Mom and Sis! All of the details will be decided later. My Uncle Giuseppe will help us with the plan! You will know as soon as we decide!

Vera- I am so glad that you are laughing at the video, I do not like to laugh alone! How was your weather for the New Year? It was so windy on the East Coast that they could not have a firework display. They scheduled it for the following days.

Logan-Thanks for the comment. You would love the X-Box. Get a few of your friends together to make your pies for the holidays and sing along. Maybe they have a pie making song. I am glad that you enjoy singing and being happy! Please keep watching and writing. The Logan Sisters Rock!

Joke Devos said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer.


Grant_Rutter said...

Hello Jennifer and Happy New Year to you. I check your blog all the time and I thought it was high time I commented. Your holiday photos are so nice. It's wonderful to see actors outside of their tvland environment. Your family seems really fun, my family is much to boring to do anything like Rockband! Can I ask you, when it comes to the show, when did you tape the Christmas episode? Was that like back in October or something? It must be really odd to shoot things so early, but I guess you get used to it. Thanks for reading my post and again, Happy New Year Jennifer!

Vera said...

Thankx, i couldnt stop laughing at it.. And i love, to laugh. I dont care where i am ( even when im at church, or at work )..... And yep, i did enjoy it, and it really looked like you had fun!!!

You really going to sicily???? Cos if so we can meet up, if you want! But hey, i have to work hard for it!!

Vera said...

BDW cos i had forgotten to tell you. The weather over here was soooo hot and then it started to rain,i was in so i dont know if it was alot or not. I know cos the floor was wet and with water he he.And it wasnt cold XD....

And i think a few days ago, we had alot of ice ( and raining and we couldnt get out, and i broked the rules... Who cares!!! )and Valletta was like covered in snow, which it wasnt! It was pretty cool, wish it did that in Qormi.... They're lucky :(

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thanks so much for ur comment!!
love ur crazy video!!
glad u had a great holiday

jennylenseman said...

Wow.Bow wow.Was Pam invited? It's great to be with family and friends in bringing in a new,my JennyG;you're so blessed?!Can it get any sweeter? I know so,my juicey pumpkin - and it will;so gear up your heart and reins,dear goldiegareis,because as long as there is a God above,taylor-made blessings,are in store, JUST(JESS)FOR YOU..and,as they arrive into your life,in your Creator's perfect timing, that make them all the more sweeter.[So glad,I'm wasn't born,a golden-brown(at wintertime)footlong Wendy's french fry - because you would eat crunchy little me,wit'someHeinz57,wouldn't you?