Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where in the World...

For fun this week, I thought it might be neat to post some pictures and to have you guess who these people are in some cases and where they are or what they are doing. I don't want to give anything away, so let's see if the pictures speak for themselves...(and yes, if you read my blog and know a little about'll be able to figure this out...) Good luck!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
ur new blog is awsome!!
i love all the photos!
ill try to guess

1. ur on a holiday some where
2. another holiday some where maybe mexico
3. lol i know who that is and yes donna does rock downunder
4. at the shore maybe thats you
5. i think thats you in europe
6. i see your mom and bro
7. thats the dress from ur bday in august, so it must be at ur party
8. thats you and joke at the fan event 07
9. thats your other bro and donna, i think your the 1 in pink and rebecca is in purple
10. with some neices are you going crabbing
11. ur bro and his baby
12. thats you making a face
13. in monaco at the palace de grimaldi
14. on the red carpet in monaco
15. with ur family, was this your grandmas party around halloween time

Vera said...

Hey Jen, well they were all great, photos and i had enjoyed them, esp the one that oyour with your nieces on the boat!!! For sure theres Sam and her lil sister, and Joke!!!!

As for the others not in a specific order ( hope i said it good that word ). Your with your mom, in Monte carlo, with your bro and sisters when you was young. Younger you... look so cute in all of them,thank you so much for this blog......And thankx for sharing those with us!!!

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

Wow Your new blog about Where in the World are sooooo great.
I will also try:

1) On vacation (I do not know where)

2) Also on vacation (I think in Mexico)

3) Sam Bell from Australia

4) on shore

5) I think that is you in Italy.

6) You with your mother & Brother

7) On your birthday party in August

8) Lol That is very easy,
I know who are these two girls
on the Fan Events 2007.

9) that is your other brother and
donna, I think your the 1 in
pink and rebecca is in purple

10) With 3 nieces on the boat

11) Your brother with his baby

12) You making a face

13) Palace de grmaldi in Monaco

14) On red carpet "48th Monte Carlo Television Festival" in Monaco.

15) You with your family. It was on your greatmother's party.
You've great family.

With Lovz

Marcus said...

Your blog is awesome love all the picture your look so beautiful as ever keep up the good work on B&B

You & Owen belong together...

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

I've a great question:
Like you work together with Brandon Beemer as Owen?


Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

Thanks for sharing all the photos. I recognized the one of Joke from the fan event right off the bat, and I had guessed that the "Donna Rocks Down Under" one was Sam Bell. Since most of the other guesses match what I think, I won't echo those, but I will venture a guess on where you are in the first photo. Is that from the French Riviera photo shoot you did that they had the video for on That video isn't up anymore, but something about that photo reminds me of that photo shoot.

sam bell said...

p.s the last photo with all ur family i love rebeccas pose right in the middle of the photo!! that looks awsome!

Joke Devos said...

Hey Jennifer

I love this photo from us.


vito said...

Hey Jenny,

i like this game :)

5)Venice ( Italy ) or Spain
7)Spain or France or Italy
14) Montecarlo
15) Montecarlo

I won i travel in Los Angeles for the B&B party ?


Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell - Thanks, I am glad that you like my Blog. My hope is that my fans will visit my personal Blog (as well as the Blog with The Bold and Beautiful) and comment. This way I will know what my fans are thinking and what they want to see. (And the bosses are always keeping tabs too!) I have not been able to get as many comments as I would like. Do you have any suggestions? I like how you always read my Blog and let me know what you are thinking. Thanks for answering the photo quiz. How did you know #5 and #9? I was sure that would be too really know me!

Vera- How did you do it? You guys really know a lot about me. I do not think I can stump you!

Joke- You even knew about my grandmother's birthday party. You get a piece of cake!!!! It was really good too,

Marcus- So you like Owen...? Donna's true love is Eric! But Eric certainly has a lot of baggage. I could use a porter to remove some of those pieces of baggage. Maybe put them in storage for a long time.

Joke- Yes, the Beemer is awesome. He certainly has a great body.

Scott N. I am glad that you like all of the photos. Can you believe that great one that Sam Bell made for us. My fans are so helpful. Scott you always help us with computer hints, and it is much appreciated.

Vito- I am glad you are enjoying my Blog. Yes, come to LA and we can take fan event photos to put our summer Blog! Don't forget that Cathy told me she will post the date for the event in February.

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thank u so much for ur comment!!!
yes i love ur blog its a great way to get to know you and see whats up in your world

photo #5 i remember u said u lived in germany when you were little so i thought the photo would be from around that time when you were in europe

photo #9 i nearly got stuck on that one! it was close, but it looked so much like rebeccas face, but its the 1st time ive seen her with blonde hair!

maybe on the offical bold and the beautiful website they could put a section of the casts offical websites, and they could adverise it and have the direct link to the sites?

and today the bear episode was finally on! ive been waiting nearly 3 months for ur storyline and it was finally here
i had seen some on youtube but it didnt show the whole storyline, so when it was on tv today i taped it!

and yesturday the bold and the beautiful moved from the 4.30pm time slot to the 6pm time slot!
ive been watching it at 4.30pm for 9 years so the change is strange!
and since it moved to 6pm they even show a preview for the next days episode and even show b&b adds!
so i guess the show is getting so popular they had to put it in a busier time slot

the bear episode was awsome!! pammy is a nut job! but when she had the shot gun they cut that scene out! i couldnt believe it ,because i remember seeing that part on youtube and i wanted to see it again, its not everyday u see a lil sweet lady running around with a shot gun
and when you were attacked in ur house, they cut that part out too! i dont know why, it was hard to understand what happend to you, maybe pammy hit donna?
and your acting was awsome! when owen untied donna i felt so sorry for her she was really shacken up and terrified! i dont know why someone would want to hurt donna, she doesnt do anything wrong

thank u for sharing ur photos there awsome!

love sam

Joke Devos said...

Hey Jennifer

Thank you so much for your comments. I love you. You make me very happy.


Monica said...

Hi Jennifer,how are you? I love the updates on your blog.First time i check in here with my B&B blog(I think..)I love the poll,I voted for Thonna(Thorne and Donna)they were hot,one of the hottest couples on the show.Imagine all the sneaky and mischievous things they could do while snuggle,I love it.

Take care,
your swedish fan Monica.

Vera said...

He he he, well erm i kinda study em... And nope you cannot.... yup!!

jennylenseman said...

JennyG,you are world class material;the personification, of ooh...

jennylenseman said...

Who would jell with Donna;Well.Eric, is her bread and butter - though she is femaledogged blantantly in that connection,to the point of comon writers..give me a break!Donna Logan,is played by a great actress;so add more substance to her role - meat and potatoes - instead of the wimpering Barbidoll,in heat every 5 minutes.Get a life Felicia Forrester!Where's Marcus? Steffie Forrester,has lost her freaking mind.