Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Being half Naked on TV...and loving it!

I just posted an entry on Bold and Beautiful expressing how interesting it is that whenever my parents come to town I am some how half naked on national TV...??? but I know, I know what you are going to say.

You'll say that I am half naked most of the time on Bold and Beautiful and so it's only a question of playing the odds.

Fair enough, but when I am sitting right next to my parents somehow all that rationale goes right out the window!

But, I'll admit, I would take a racy Donna over a modest one any day of the week!

On the B&B blog, I mentioned this really interesting thing that happens to my mom...whenever she watches the show she starts to think that I really am Donna? Now I of course know she is half playing with me, but it is kinda funny! Even after the scene she kept asking "you weren't really naked were you?"....Now, I wont answer that!

So, I am with my parents in California this week and traveling with them to Palm Springs and in and around LA. They love coffee, so we have been to a few coffee shops! And early in the morning too!

We are on the road right now and I am making my sister type this!

I'll send her pictures along the way, and ask her to post them. Most of the pictures are coming from my blackberry so they might not be great but hopefully you will get the idea and feel like you are with us!

And if you have any fun road trip stories - TELL ME! I'd love to hear them!

And if you want to see the Bold and Beautiful entries...go to my Official Bold and Beautiful Blog!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer

hope ur parents have a nice trip in cali with you! hope u all have a great time!
i like the photo ur really funny!

are your parents allowed to watch u on the set at work? or does that make u nervous?
if im working(cooking) and somebody is watching me i get nervous too!

ill check out ur b&b blog
i love reading them!

and thank u for the wonderful card u sent me!! i really love it! thanks soo much :D

have a great week with ur parents

love sammy.b

sam bell said...

and p.s once i went on a road trip with my best friend amanda down the coast, she was driving and she turned the wrong way at the lights and we were going the wrong way! it was so embarrissing! everybody was looking at us lol then she tried to hide in the car park cos so many people were looking at us and she got the car stuck in the car park!! and then on the way back she ran over a huge snake in the middle of the road, we couldnt miss the snake we were going up a huge mountain, the snake was a long as the width of the road!
so next time we go on a road trip i think ill be the 1 driving!

Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer !

I am sitting here smiling when i read your blog , so nice to here about you and your family , seems like you are a tight loving family !

And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing !

I last my own to early in my life so i dont have that chance my self but i love here when other talks about there special times , makes my heart warm !

Thank you for sheering your private life ..

And about Donna i think she is a funny person makes the show a little spicy ;)

Brooke & Donna are my favorites =D

But in Sweden we are a little behind Donnas son just showed up in the last show yesterday so in about an hour i will see how that goes with Erick !!

Jennifer , have the best of times !!
All my love from Sweden !


Vera said...

Heya, i hope your parents are having so much fun in La andthat they had a lovely trip aswell... Is it to far from east coast to LA. Or its not that far.

I havent had any road trips fun, as i dont drive and my bestfriend neighter. Actually both of us are learning.shes gonna have the test on the 19 of this month!!!!

But, once we were both to saint julians ( baystreet ). And believe it or not, it was full of turist( the bus ). And, it was silent, this guy answered the phone 'Hey can you hear me, im in Malta'. He was italian, he was shouting that everyone turned to face him. Me and my bff couldnt stop laughing infect we stopped sliema instead of saint julians ouch....

Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

It must be cool to have your family come to see you. You've traveled back east a few times recently, but now you get to play hostess as they come out to visit you in California. I hope you have lots of fun.

And that's funny that your mom thinks of you as Donna when she watches you on the show. Although I honestly can't blame her for asking if you were really naked under that robe given how the cameramen left so much up to our imaginations by only letting us see the robe drop to the ground. Asking that question is part of the illusion, although I personally understand why you won't answer; after all, a girl has to have some secrets, even from her parents. :)

As for road trip stories, I have one from when my company used to travel to trade shows around the country to promote our service. We often drove to the shows or flew to one nearby city and then rented a car to get to the next, and we had this really old trade show booth that was stored in a big, long black box that was kind of shaped like a coffin. Sometimes, the box would not fit in the trunk, so we had to put it in the back seat, and we'd imagine what people thought seeing this coffin sized box in our car as we drove by.

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer.

I hope that your parents have a nice time with you in LA.

Is hot by jou?
By us is really winter and freeze.


Logan said...

It's funny to have your parents see those type scenes. Does it make you feel like a teenager again? Like when you did something you didn't want your parent to know ;) No I never did that. LOL If my Dad told me to be home at 11:30 PM I was home at 11:30 PM.
By the way I've always wondered..is it difficult to act those scenes out with the whole crew watching?
I'm glad you had a nice time with your family.
I hope good things happen for Donna this year like *cough* Owen *cough*.

indypond said...

Hey Jen,

It's Wade Pond so I must say LTNS. I recently went back home to Lancaster to visit friends and family. My wife and three kids drove 16 hours from Dubuque Iowa and if it wasn't for the overhead DVD player in the minivan my kids would have driven me up a wall! The fun truly happened on the trip back to Dubuque as we arrived at our home at the seminary and as we turned down our street we slid a half a block, downhill, on a thin black sheet of ice. After doing two 360 degree spins we wound up in a snowbank with the front door of the house in sight. Not a bad way to end a 16 hour trip at 2AM. I hope the show continues to go well for you and hope to see you soon.

Olivia Wilder said...

What a great blog, Jennifer! I do feel like I'm with that big wonderful crazy group you call your family! lol

I have lots of crazy road trips under my belt from long, long ago. Reading and seeing yours makes me hungry for the next one I want to take with a friend on the entire length of what's left of the old Rte. 66.

Stay tuned.......

Happy New Year!! I think I need to buy Rock Star!!

Carolyn said...

Having the body you do, it's no wonder why you're the one that ends up in skimpy outfits and costumes. You sure can be a little Hussy sometimes, though, Donna! *phew* I did get a kick out of Pam calling you a Hot Tamale - especially when she ordered them as appetizers at the party.

I agree, I like the Spicy Donna rather than the modest one. She's good at creating high drama. I'm glad they made her out to have feelings and a brain, though, rather than just a hot bod. Wonder how your Dad feels about Donna's scenes kissing Eric.

I think you mentioned once that your Mom was a fan of Elvis Presley's. Yesterday was his birthday, so wish her a Happy Elvis's Belated Birthday for me and raise a glass to The King the next time you get around to having a glass of wine or cocktail.

Only road trip stories I can tell you about was when we were kids, my dad used to tell us that that if you spotted a deer (and others had to see it too - no liars!) then you got an ice cream Sundae. Our eyes were glued on long trips in the country.

Happy New Year!

Olivia Wilder said...

The ONLY thing I really dislike is "Honey bear!" Ugh.
But I love Donna. The racier and feistier the better.

Military Momz said...

Love you as Donna and so glad Eric dumped Stephanie. You guys make a hot couple. Actually watching you right now on Panic Room. Hope you are enjoying the time with your family. I am on a countdown till my son comes home from Iraq, 66 days, WOO HOO. If you get a chance, please help us promote www.militarymomz.com as we are working hard to have a huge donation to Soldiers Angels this year. (We donate 50% of all profits.) Please pass the site info along to as many as you can. Enjoy your time with your family! Look forward to more of you and Eric on B&B!!!

Lisa Edwards

Carolyn said...

I'm with Olivia about "Honeybear". I hate that nickname! My boyfriend will say it to me once in a while. I don't know where he gets it from, but I do think of Donna and Eric with it.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell- We had the best time in sunny warm California.....especially when you think that my parents are used to temperatures just slightly above freezing. I was c. 80 degrees when they left and F 25 when they returned. I am sure they were thinking about swimming outdoors in Malibu at Pepperdine University. It was so nice and you could see the hills on one side and the ocean in front of you. Only one factor that kept it from being the best swim is that the pool water is F 73 degrees. Even in the sun that can get cool.
We were "dark" this week so we did not work. Except for my school classes, I had time to relax.

Evas Sida-I am so glad that you like the blog. I want to introduce more fans to this new way of communicating. I am excited to share my fun side of life. I like sharing!

Vera-Yes, it is far from my home in LA to my parents in PA. We love to get together so we make the trip as often as we can. My siblings love it when I fly to the East coast so we can all get together.

Scott N- Yes, my Mom is so interested in getting these inside facts. She always says, "Jennifer, you do have clothes on, don't you?" AND... I am always going to say,
"Of course I do!"
Girls always have a sheer and nude bra and underwear just in case the camera would catch a glimpse. The audience would not notice. The guys have boxers. It does create the illusion if shot correctly.

Joke. Earlier in the day it was c. F 80 and perfect for being outdoors. This is our winter weather. In summer it is just a few degrees warmer. I just returned from my walk at
4:30 PM and it was about c. 75. In the desert, in Palm Springs it is really warm in summer.
Eric and Owen are really two good options for Donna

indypond- Wow what a trip! The most that I drive is three hours before getting stir-crazy. Our trip to the desert was about two to three hours including many stops. I was so happy to get to Palm Springs and glad to get out of the car.

Olivia Wilder-I remember hearing about Rte. 66. They had a TV show with that title.
We always take a road trip when my parents visit. I live in California and NEVER travel far from my home. When my parents visit my Dad always looks at the map and says,"Jennifer have you been to________ or should we go to_______. We always end up traveling to a new destination, and it is fun getting there. Of course, we make lots of stops along the way.

Caolyn-Two Donnas are fun to play. I like to be the HOT one and then switch to the NICE one. It keeps me on my toes and hopefully the audience as well.
Tonight I am going out with my best friends Amy, you know the one with the dog. It is her birthday celebration night so when we toast for her special day we will include Elvis as well.

Olivia Wilder- "Honey Bear" can turn Donna into that feisty racy babe that you like.

Military Mom- I am glad that you are enjoying Donna and Eric. It is really fun to film.
You must be really so proud of your son in Iraq. I hope that 66 days go by so fast for you. Tell your son "Hello from Donna Logan!" I hope that your website will be viewed by our fellow bloggers. Hey guys...check it out!!!!!!!!! www.militarymomz.com

Carolyn-The name "Honeybear" was my pet name for Eric. It sure worked in good with the Grizzly at the Big Bear cabin.

Joke Devos said...

Thabk you for your comments.


Olivia Wilder said...


Thanks for responding. I had to laugh when Rick found the many jars of honey in the kitchen at Big Bear. It reminded me that I wanted to know about the (obviously trained) bear used when Donna was tied up and coated with honey. Was he like "Gentle Ben?" Were you ever afraid? How close did he (really) get?

It's very warm over here in Scottsdale now- unseasonably so. January is usually our coldest month, and we have mid 70's for the next 2 weeks it appears. So I'm about the same as you are in CA right now. The summers are unbearable (like Palm Springs) so I head to CA!

Look forward to more fun stuff on B & B with Donna.

Have a great week,