Friday, January 16, 2009

Donna Logan becomes an honorary citizen of Militello, Sicily!

I really cannot read what this paper says so we'll just wing it based on what I think it says...I think it says that I (aka Donna Logan) becomes an honorary citizen of Militello, Sicily. If for any reason this is way off would someone tell me?! And they mention something about my sister...but we aren't sure either. Can anyone help me out?

Did you know that Bold and Beautiful, which is called Beautiful in Italy is the most popular show? Yes, it is true! And they obviously dub it into Italian but I have heard that a lot of fans in Italy go to the internet and watch it in English to practice the language. So, how cool is it that people all over the world are learning English from B&B!

Just think...all across Italy people (including my uncle Giuseppe, his wife Paola and kids Marco and Miro) are learning words like hussie, hot tamale, sexy, honey bear, and so on...these B&B frequently used words are now basically being taught to everyone! Don't you love it!!! I think it is really, really cool!

So this week for Donna has really been about Pam and that bikini. I guess it is a sign of the times that Donna and Pam just cannot seem to connect on a loving level...and I suppose Donna should just be thankful that Pam didn't fill the bikini lining with hot red pepper sauce...right? Could you imagine that...?! Ha ha...

And for fun, what other really neat B&B words have you heard during the course of the show? I've love to compile a list and definitions along with it...

For example: honey bear = Eric

and so on...


Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Well, I never took Italian in high school and don't have any Italian blood that I know of, but I used to work for someone who was Italian once upon a time. So I think I can wing it, with some help from Google. :-)

The headline says "Militello Embraces the Star of 'Beautiful'." The first couple of sentences say that honorary citizenship has been given to a world famous US actress, and there's a deep link between Militello and Jennifer Gareis, who plays Brooke's younger sister Donna Logan on the successful soap 'Beautiful.' After that, I'm lost other than recognizing Rebecca's name in a sentence that says something about cooking. Hopefully someone else can fill in the blanks.

As for the idea of people in Italy learning English from B&B words, here's a few more for your list:

slut - Brooke or Donna, as referred to by Stephanie
unforgettable - Brooke and Ridge
pamkini - I bet they would be scratching their heads over that one.
Big Bear

And can you imagine how they'd react from some of those juicy diatribes from Stephanie? One of those alone would probably make a great English lesson.

The Write Stuff Blogg said...

Congrats Jennifer :) That is so cool.I´m from Sweden and here they uses subtitles on all shows and movies,so we hear the original language.I think that´s better than dubb.

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer.

I've a comment on your B&B Blog possted.
How are you? I'm fine.

I can hardly wait to see you again.
Tomorrow I start a cursus to learn to work with a new photo shop program. And when I know how it works I totaly renew my fansite of you and als the site of B&B.
Lots of love Joke

sam bell said...

hey jen congrats on becoming an honorary citizen of militello, sicily, i bet ur family is so proud!!!

well my fave word ive heard on the bold and the beautiful is hot tamarle! even my 9 year old sister uses that word now!

some other stuff ive heard pammy say is toodles! and she said donna is a superficial money grabbing barbie doll lol

i like it when donna calls pammy a nut job and a and wacko that was pretty funny !!

ive heard felicia call donna a hoochie momma! that was funny too never heard that word b4

and ive heard some nicknames like: honey bear- what donna calls eric
doc- what ridge calls taylor
logan- what ridge calls brooke
kido- what ridge calls bridget popeye- what ridge calls nick

ive heard stepfanie call brooke the S word b4 i think it was at maceys funeral

do u have a fave word on the show?
love sam

Vera said...

wow congrats to be honored that. Im so happy and proud of you...

Over here since i watch it on italian station its in italian. No subtiles or so, but i do wake up every morning to watch the show.....Its helping me improving my english ( i hate it so for me its not big deal to learn it or not )..

P.S. sicily is wonderful i had felt in love with her when i went.

And i only know Honey bear and Logan he hehe...

Carolyn said...

Thanks so much for the add in Facebook, Jennifer. You're so kind to your fans. It's a rare trait with famous people these days. Your popularity will just grow as a result.

That's too funny about the Italians learning English through your show.

Will have to think about other phrases used. One word that is Overused by Brooke's character is "destiny." *UGH!*

Hope this finds you happy about our new President and enjoying life. Snow is expected tonight in my neck of the woods. Love the cold crisp air.

Take good care,

sam bell said...

p.s i forgot to add to the list a few months ago i heard pammy called a betty off her crocker
not sure if it was in a magazine for an episode but thought it was funny!

Mon said...

Hi Jenn,
What a neat idea:)

Here´s my list.

Red=Sally Spectra by her first husband.
Sal=Clarkes for Sally
Superboy=Jackies for Clarke
Queen B=Stephanie by Sally
Silver Fox=Eric(that´s his old nickname)
Honey Bear=Eric
Doc=Taylor by Ridge
Ditzy blonde=Darla
Bucky/Bucky boy=Clarke by Sally
Logan=Brooke by Ridge
Kiddo=Ridges nickname for Bridget,I never liked it,sounds icky.
Popeye=Ridges nickname for Nick
The Dressmaker=Nicks nickname for Ridge
Horse and Poney Show=Stephanies nickname for Brooke.
Einstein=Darlas nickname,acctually it was her last name, but Sally used to taunt her with it because she was a ditz back then.

Carolyn said...


Jennifer, did you ever see Charlie Bit Me? If you haven't, please take 2 minutes and watch this clip. It's ariot!


salvio said...

Hi Jen..You know that I m sicilian?:-)I live in Messina(a little country nearby)and I m not so far from Militello..I m proud about your origin....It s true..Beautiful is the most loved show(in the afternoon)among soap operas..I hope You 'll come to visit Sicily sometime..and maybe to meet you(my mother loves Donna, like me):-)

rickn14 said...

Hi Jennifer,
that's great for you to be honorary citizen of Militello.for myself I learn english because of B&B,but I'm not totally bilingual.
I try to learn everyday a new word in english.
a la prochaine

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Scott- Thank you for trying to translate the article. I am really excited with this honor and plan on going to Sicily with my parents, sister and her children to receive the award. We are working on the date and I will let you know more information as soon as possible. I promise that I will take lots of photos and represent The Bold and Beautiful in Sicily. Did you know that the soap opera goes by the name "Beautiful” and is #1 in Italy? I look forward to meeting many wonderful fans there. My sister Rebecca has been studying the Italian language and will help us when needed. My uncle Giuseppe is fluent in English so we will have plenty of help.

The Write Stuff Blogg- Thanks for writing from Sweden. I have a few fans there and I often wondered how they heard the show. Great.... I can teach you English as you watch our drama!

Joke- Tell me more about your new goal of learning a computer photo shop program. I look forward to seeing the results.

sam bell- Yes, my family is really excited about the honorary citizenship to the town of Militello. I wish that grandmother Sebastiana could be alive today to see all of this. She loved her Sicilian town and talked about it so often. Her cousins, whose parents were also born there, still talk about this today. It is such an honor.

Vera- I will blow a kiss to you when I am in Sicily. I will direct it south ... all of the way to Malta.

Carolyn-So you like cold crisp air and snow. I experienced those winter days often when I lived in Manhattan. When I left the East coast ten years ago I was sure that I would never want to stay on the West coast for too long. Then, little by little I got accustomed to the weather and sunshine. I still miss the cold crisp winters in NYC, and walking in newly fallen snow. BUT, I have learned to love swimming outdoors most any day of the year. I love long walks in the parks and climbing the mountains in the warm air. This weather is nice. My Mom likes cold winter weather too, but she really loves this climate here in southern California. Thank you so much for checking out my blogs as well as Face Book. You help to make me want to continue with these electronic communications. It's great to know that time spent here is well worth it. Some days you do not know who is listening. THANKS!

sam bell- Thanks again for always checking out my blogs and replying!!!!

Mon- I love your list...Thank you so much for posting and following this blog!!!!!

YES...I did watch Charlie Bit me......that was so cute. CUTE KIDS!!!!

Carolyn-.......YES, I checked Charlie Bit Me? I love it. Thanks for sending us the link.

salvo-It is so good to hear from a fellow Sicilian. THANKS ....I will post the dates of my visit as soon as I know then. My Uncle Giuseppe will be sure to put them in the newspapers...all over Sicily.

rickn14- That is great that you are using BnB to learn English. Where do you live?

Joke Devos said...

Thank you so much for your comments


Vera said...

Hey hon, we should meet up in sicily. Mom wants to go back. And i'm missing it so much.... ;) and thankx i will catch it ;)

Olivia Wilder said...

Congratulations, Ms. Mafiosa Girl. lol
I want to be an honorary citizen, but with my luck I'll get to be one in someplace like Two Egg, Arkansas. (Yes, there is one)