Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yours for a day and watching the pounds!

Have you ever wondered about all that cool clothing you see in the media and special events. Many of them, like the dress in this picture, are borrowed for the day! What that means is the dresses might need to be adjusted ever so slightly to make the perfect fit, and it also means "you get what you get!"

Now, why am I bringing this up?

I realized two days ago and even posted it on Facebook that I had gained a few pounds on my parents road trip! And for me, who is usually in skimpy clothing, even 2 pounds can make a difference! And of course wardrobe has their work cut out for them too if they need to loosen waistlines!

But, now that I am back home and at the gym 5 days a week, the pounds will melt! So what do I do to stay in shape? I drink lots of water and reduce my fat and carb intake! I don't go crazy but I keep it in check.

So far I haven't come up with a perfect science for what to eat to stay healthy...but I'd love to hear your ways of staying in shape! And how about if YOU ever had to borrow anything clothing and what that was like!

And I just signed up for twitter! I am figuring it out so stay tuned!

And don't forget to check out my blog on B&B where I finally got to post my sista's chili recipe!


What's hotter than...Super-bowl Chili Sandwiches!

Well, I am sure we can think of a few things (like Donna in Pam's bathing suit!), but let's face it, with the super-bowl around the corner it's the perfect time to share a really awesome recipe!

So, with a little begging I got my sister to part with this cool (I mean HOT) recipe. But shortly after she gave it to me, she posted it on facebook. Go figure. And it took me days to convince her...hee hee. Check out My Official Bold and Beautiful Blog!


Robert C. said...

I'm on Twitter as well, takes a while to figure it out. Follow other people and you see their "updates". Kinda like Facebook updates. You can reply to other user's updates and send short messages too.

Sure you'll be popular on Twitter. :)

Angelique said...

Nice photo :-)
To stay in shape, well I have to admit I do nothing except work, I run and walk the whole day at work in the shop, so I have my excersise during my work.
And I go swimming so now and then, but other then that I am a bit lazy... no excersising..

do hope your well and have fun at the radioshow! I am sure it will be fun!

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
how r u
what a beautiful photo of you in that dress, what event was that for?
i LOVE to play sports -basketball (i was in a state rep team and captain in the high school team),softball(i was pitcher and a great batter),tennis,shot put(came 2nd in the state for my age group, i think at least 5 years in a row) and i like swimming at home, walking my dog,bike riding,weights and the gym
i also held the record for girls in shot put,discus and javelin at my high school
its so hot were i live so i drink liters and liters of water everyday and i love making nice fresh tropical fruit salads

i dont know what twitter is? never heard of it b4 u will have to tell me

i love rebeccas recipe it looks so tasty!
is this what americas call chilli dogs? ive heard of them a few times on tv and movies, its like a spicy bolognese?

have a great week
love sam

p.s i said hi to ur mom on facebook shes so lovely!

Carolyn said...

Hi Jennifer,

Forget about weight when you're putting out your sister's scrumptious recipe for chili!

To Jennifer's Sister: THANKS! You rock for being so generous. I was thinking of making chili on Sunday. Will most definitely consult your secrets. Seriously, I do very much appreciate you sharing it. It's very kind.

Back to Jennifer: As to the weight thing, well, I haven't been very active lately, but when I do put an effort in, I have to enjoy the exercise I'm doing: biking, swimming, hiking, that sort of thing. I also cut out my wine, which I hate to do.

Pretty sad that the tabloids are picking on Jessica Simpson for a bit of a weight gain. She's hardly heavy at the weight she's at now, but they're calling it as she has rolls. I'd hate to be in show business for the way they scrutinize you like that.

OFF TOPIC: Glad you enjoyed "Charlie Bit Me!" That little baby is a scorch! Here's another BIG TIME favorite of mine. If I had a child, I'd want her to be Just Like Pearl. This one is "Pearl the Landlord". Hope you and yours enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsWNC3QoLNA


annen said...

You are soo generous, you give so much of yourself and your thinking and it´s lovely. Thank you.

And when you talk about your weight, I understand, even the thinniest can se the fat comes around...and it´s a disaster for the one who sees that. But, as long as it dosen´t get up in your head and be a sickness thinking, it´s all right.
So go on, you are young and you are an actress of first class, soon you will lay down eating your chokolate...smiling back...and feel good in your situation where you are.

Joke Devos said...

Dear Jennifer,
Wow you have a great figure. I keep in shape with the stepper I've got from my brother and also with my hometrainer. I only eat black chocolate than I've got no taste in cookies or other sweets.
I have to watch out for my hips because when I eat to many sweets its no good for my hips because of my handicap I have to watch out I don't overbured my hips.
A long time a go I gone to the gym but now I go to my physiotherapist hissed and at home.
I have make a creatick photo of you with my new program. I posted on my facebook. I hope that you like the photo.

Lots of love Joke

Carolyn said...

I laughed out loud when I just watched your Quick Sand Hunt video. Loved the way you screamed 'Quick Sand Hunt!!' in the last second. Watched it twice!
You're a nut! Very cute. Thanks!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

If that photo is any indication, no one would ever know you gained those couple of pounds. You look great!

I'm afraid my exercising has gotten a little lax over the last few years. I used to go to the gym, but had to hold back for medical reasons, so it's mostly long walks around downtown Manhattan for lunch and walking the dog for me to help keep the pounds off.

I've never tried Twitter. It's probably one of those sites that gets blocked on the Internet when I'm at work, anyway, so maybe that's for the best. But let me kow how you make out on there.

- Scott

Vera said...

Hey wow that is a great picture of you. And you look stunning in that picture...

I dont watch the super-bowl as its not popular over here.And to tell ya the truth im more into soccer ( the only member in the family crazy for it )

To stay a bit in shape ( as i dont think i am ). I walk daily to work and then back to home, and i drink plenty of water. And eat fruit, i had stopped drinking softdrinks, as i used too.

P.S. the toast looks soooo yummy!!! Hope your team wins!

Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer !

Hope you feel great =) 2 pounds is nothing on you , you look fantastic but i understand how you mean better take care of it now before it gets more =)

Well for me stay in shape means feel good to ,,if you feel good and enjoy your life it comes natural eating unhealthy is something i do when i feel bad and have dark days =)

And then i take long walk with my dog and ride my horse ..

Like you said easy with fat and carbs =)

I drink lots lots of smoothies with fruit and rasberies blueberies and what ever i got home =) Thats healthy and tastes like heaven to =)

And spicy food is burning more fat so i will try your sisters chili =)

have a wonderful week Jennifer !! Ewa

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Robert C- Thanks for the "twitter" information. I am venturing into this area slowly! I have really enjoyed FaceBook and the Blog. It has allowed me to connect fans directly. I now have these three means of exchange: letters, Facebook, and blogs (the official BnB blog and my personal one).
It is amazing how easy it is to communicate with people all over the world.
PS....I still like writing letters (via the post) to many of my fans.

Angelique- Good luck with your work, and staying in shape. Yes, sometimes my school and CBS work can get really busy. I will ride a stationary bike as I memorize my script, or study my school work. I feel like I am working my brain and butt at the same time.

sam bell So you like basketball. I really enjoyed track and field and swimming in school. I still will do power walking and swimming to stay in shape. It is much easier to do the walking where ever you go. It is nice here in California, Mom has lots of ice and snow and my one sister has tons of snow.

Carolyn I love the same sports as you do, but I have not cut out my wine with meals. Sometimes I have one glass only, but I must say that I really do enjoy it with my dinner.
Also, I try not to read "bad" press. It can get you down, and most of the time it is just

annen - I love to cook and eat. I take great pleasure in enjoying food well prepared. I try to make wise food choices and exercise regularly.

Joke - Keep up the good work. I like the photo that you posted, thanks. Did you ever think of posting a photo of your tea bag collection? It sounds very interesting. How did it start?

Scott N- OK......I will keep you informed on how I do on twitter. I was planning on asking you for advice again.
I too loved to walk around downtown Manhattan. It was so easy to go so far while you enjoyed the sights, people and shops. It almost did not seem like you were exercising. In California I will walk in the parks and if I can, I will go to the beach. They have such wonderful places to walk. But, of course you must use your car to get here.

Vera-I am glad that you liked the pix. How far is your work from your home? A few of my friends in Germany ride their bikes to work. I do not think I could do that. Great that you can!

Ewas Sida- I love to take long walks too. I do not have a dog to walk, but will sometimes go with friends when they walk their dog(s). I like to jog in the parks in CA. We have some incredible places we can go. If I get the chance, I will walk on the beach. That can really be a challenge. Any place I go I try to keep in shape.

Vera said...

Its about 30 mins, i used to ride bike when i was younger, now i dunno how to ride it.

I enjoy and love to walk... Its fun, i carry a bottle of flavour water and walk. sometimes i take 45 mins, but its cos the cars does stop me to cross the road..

I used to say that but when i went to UK i walked for 2 hours and i enjoyed it... You can do it!!

Joke Devos said...


Thank you for your comments

Okey I post soon a pic from my collection from Tea-Bags.

I set a message to you at facebook.