Friday, February 20, 2009

Jen's Oscar Picks!

Let's have some fun here and see if any of my picks make a win. And if you want, I'd love to hear your reasoning for who should win too...Hurry up because the big day is this weekend!!!

Oh and if you have extra time after submitting your Picks, would you mind translating this magazine cover? Someone already told me it says Bold and Beautiful...anything else I should know?!

Cannot wait to see if we get any of these picks correct?!

Best Picture
Milk - because it's inspiring and made me cry at the end (spoiler alert) and yes for those that know me, I did have to take aspirin afterwards...

Best Director
Would prefer to stay neutral...I am sure you can imagine, but if you twisted my arm, I would then have to pick...Danny Boyle. Slumdog Millionaire was AWESOME!

Best Actor
Brad Pitt - what an amazing talent. And I loved him old and young alike. And being married to an older man on the show, perhaps this touched my soul a bit.

Best Actress
Angelina Jolie - because she was so convincing and her pain was heart breaking. I don't have kids but this situation seemed impossible and it moved me deeply.

And just an aside...aren't Brad and Angelina like the most beautiful people on the planet? ok...back to the picks...

Best Supporting Actor
Heath Ledger - because this performance was breathtaking and his last. I think the two combined really sent shivers down my spine.

Best Supporting Actress
Taraji P. Henson - because she made me want to be a better person after watching her act! and she originally studied engineering! How cool is that?! Smart & beautiful.


Joke Devos said...

Wow Thank you, Jennifer

Here is the liste from B&B at the world.

The Bold and The Beautiful:USA // UK // Netherland // Australia

Mooi en Meedogenloos: Belgium (Flemish title)

Glamour: Denmark // Norway // Sweden

Belleza Y Poder: Spain // USA (Spanish title)

Amour, Gloire & Beautè: France

Top Models: Belgium & Canada (French title)& Switserland

Beautiful: Italy

Dragoste si Putere: Romania

Fashion Affairs: West Germany

Kaunit ja Rokhaet: Finland

Moda na Sukces: Poland

Reich und Schön: Germany

Tolmi Kai Goiteia: Greece

Vapran ja ilusad: Estonia

I hope that you like.


Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer !!

How are you ? Me and my little grandchild is perfect =) Thanks =)

I agree with you about Angelina and Brad they are great actress beautiful people and a beautiful couple =)

In sweden we have not seen that bear scen yet in B&B i am locking forward to that very mutch =)

Love Ewa

Joke Devos said...

P.S. I agree with you about Angelina Jolie, Jennifer

Brad & Angelina are best actors


Scott N said...

Honestly, Jennifer, I have to say I haven't seen all the movies that were nominated or had nominated performers in them. Theater prices have gotten so darn expensive and it's often easier to wait for them on DVD. But I'll weigh in on the Supporting Actor category. I agree with you that Heath is going to win because of both the quality of the performance and because it was his last performance. At the same time, though, I can't help but think that if you factor out his death, Robert Downey Jr in TROPIC THUNDER would have a run at winning, since he was really good in that "method actor" role. Downey was good in IRON MAN, too, IMO, but the Academy generally doesn't go for nominating sci-fi or super hero movies; LORD OF THE RINGS was the rare exception, and I have to wonder that Heath even getting a nod for DARK KNIGHT, basically a super hero movie albeit a dark and gritty one, was because of his death for the most part.

As for that magazine cover, I recognize the Finnish title of B&B (which is on Joke's list), plus something about "Taylor, Ridge and Brooke" and "super trio". I tried to get Google to make sense of the rest, but the word underneath DONNA has some letters cut off.

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
i dont really know much about the oscars but i really hope heath ledger wins something, i liked some of his movies and he was a great actor, so sad he died

Vera said...

I dont know about the ocars thing.All i know is that they were yesterday.. He he he, but i loved Heath Ledger, i hope that he winned something... Too sad that he is gone.

P.S. about Brangelina thing, omg i cant stand both of them. Never been Angelina jolie fan, but i was crazy about Brad Pitt. When he dumped Jennifer Aniston i hated him... I liked Jennifer and Brad pitt much more.... And too these days i dont watch movies that they are in!!!

Monica said...

Hi Jennifer.

I used to watch the Oscars but not anymore.Why you ask,simply because they don´t make good movies anymore,which is kind of sad.

Have a nice day.

Your fan,

dj ashrafi said...

and the award goes to slumdog slumdog slumdog.....