Sunday, March 1, 2009

Learning from the Best!

I have to say when you get a chance to work with someone like Betty White and Susan Flannery, not only is it memorable, but you can also learn quite a lot.

When were we working together last year, I couldn't get out one of my lines fast enough during rehearsals. The line was:

"Pam belongs behind bars"

Try saying that 3 times really fast! (and do you remember the episode? If so, take your best guess and send it in!)

Anyway Betty and Susan laughed and laughed at me because I kept messing up!!! Betty told me she came to the set just to watch me do this scene even though she wasn't even in it. She just wanted to see if I could get the line out once and for all.

I'll admit, it was pretty funny. By the time I did a few more practice runs, we were all laughing pretty hard.

Thank goodness when we actually got to the taping, I did get the line out in one take!

And to top it off, Susan said-all the while laughing-"Jennifer why didn't you just change the line to something easier?"

Hmmmm...Maybe next time I'll do just that!

And did you ever have a moment where you couldn't get out exactly what you wanted to say? I'd love to hear that I am not the only one!!!


Mike© said...

Wasn't that the episode where Stephanie said she and Ann wanted to take Pam back to Chicago?

A couple of years ago, my friend David D's daughter's dog died. To complicate matters, his daughter's dog was named DJ. It was very challenging trying to tell all of our friends that "David D's daughter's dog DJ died"....after telling a couple of friends and stumbling over my own words, it was much easier to just say "DJ died."

Sometimes, you just have to change the words to make it easier to say, while conveying the same message!

Ewas Sida said...

Hi Jennifer =))

ha ha yes i can imagine it was hard but nice to have so fun at work ..

Of course that have happend me to lots of times =)) You are not alone sometimes i feel very stupid becuse i do all wrong and say wrong ..

But thats me i am a clumsy girl =))

I guess in the end the result is good =))

They sounds nice the "old" ladies =))the golden ladies that is =))

Have a wonderful week Jen ..

Love Ewa

annen said...

It can be very good situations but it can be real horror also. But take a situation what happend in Sweden the last days. Crownprinsess Victoria has got her Daniel och they are going to get marriet 2010. My sons name are also Daniel so I have had so many laugh with my friends this last week in my job...because it´s very difficult to say Prins Daniel (2010)and talk about HER Daniel, every one in my job think that I talk about MY Daniel...complicated but in the other way so easy.

Have a nice week Jennifer and keep on with the Forresters. Make them laugh between all the tragedi!

The Write Stuff Blogg said...

Hi Jen.

I think when once you get the flow going it´s easier.It looked easy when you said it.It´s like that saying:Spades..(I heard it in a Monthy Python film once and it sounded really funny)but at leat you guys are having fun at work.

Take care Jennifer,
have a wonderful week,I know I am.I´m going to enjoy me some Donna and Owen :)

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
pam belongs behind bars is the episode when pam was in the hospital and stephanie and her mom begged u not to press charges so she didnt have to goto prison so pam could go home to chicago with her mom

what happends to all the out takes from the b&b? i would love to see them some time that would be awsome!

i got a good 1, try to say this really fast:
she sells sea shells by the sea shore

love sam
p.s cant wait to meet u in august!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Figuring out which episode that was from wasn't hard, especially since we knew Betty White was around. Unfortunately, that talented lady is often busy, so you can remember every visit she makes to B&B. Too bad they can't find more reasons for Ann to visit her daughters, since Betty's so cool playing her.

Good thing the cameras weren't running when you had trouble with that line and it was just a rehearsal. Otherwise, you might find yourself in the "Blooper of the Week" feature they recently added to the B&B site's YouTube Channel. :-) But I guess there is some comfort that even the pros make flubs like that. I once saw a scene between John McCook and Susan Flannery where one of them - I can't remember which one - tripped over a word during rehearsal, and the two have them had a ball running with what they said.

I'm sure I've tripped over words like that before, but I try to forget them when it happens, so I don't remember the details.

- Scott

Joke Devos said...

Dear Jennifer,
I found you're story very amusing and I did laugh and laugh also when I was just reading it.
I can amatching that it was very amusing for the other persons but frustraited for you.
I don't have something like you I can always say what I want and don't make that kind of mistakes.
Can you send my greetings to the B&B cast and I hope to see them all in august at the fan event.
Lots of love Joke

Logan said...

There was a time at work when I was on the phone with a woman at an insurance about a patient's bill
and she gave me the patient's name
which was Dwayne. I asked "Where was Dwayne tweeted?" I mean to say TREATED and it came out TWEETED.
I felt like a moron. The woman at the insurance had a sense of humor and laughed but I still felt stupid.

Shawn said...

you guys are truly some of the most talented actors in the biz. susan is brilliant, and ive been a fan of yours since the y&r days. keep up the awesome work! =)

Olivia Wilder said...

I have had a moment where I got out what I was thinking, and didn't mean to say.....does that count? (I chided myself all the way home in my car. It was really embarrassing, and involved a man I was attracted to...) :-)

vito said...

I thik Susan Flannery she is the very Bold and Beautiful diamond. She is the heart, she is the anim, she is the power of thi soap.
I have a great esteem for her, all we can lear with the Susan Flannery life and professional exemple.

Vito from sicily

P.s : i write something on facebook but i don' t understand if you recognized me on facebbok.

Vera said...

Thats a very great pic, i adore and love Susan. She is fantastic ( but i hate stephanie soooo much )...

Oh dear that happens to me all the time.. LOL, its bad when you speak your own langauge so fast, cos you may sound very bad. And the thing is that i speak fast.

And our language may sound very bad...

Vera said...

Oh cos i had forgotten. Welcome here Shawn you will love it here!!!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Mike-You are so correct! Sometimes I must change the words, ever so slightly, so it is not a tongue twister. I learnt my lesson. My partner John Mc Cook never seems to have that problem. He can articulate perfectly! I wish he could teach me a lesson.

Ewas Sida- The Golden Girls- I love them. I remember going to a live TV show when we visited California when I was a teen. My parents had taken a trip there to show their kids plus our exchange student the wonders of this state. I was so impressed. I was amazed at the TV studio (which was a lot easier to visit then). I remember thinking; I would love to be involved in acting. At that time I did not know that I would become an actor. Look at what happened; I am working at the same profession. It's a Small World!

annen-So there will be a 2010 wedding! I am sure that would be beautiful to see.

The Write Stuff Blogg- I remember that sea shell one....but I thought that it was. "Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore."
How about: " How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

Scott N- You are so correct! I just love Betty White.

I too try to forget those "bloopers," but they do happen. It is a good thing that rehearsals are not taped, or we would be watching our bloopers too often.

Logan- We all make mistakes sometimes, so it is good if it is to an understanding person.

Shawn-Thanks for the compliment. I too love to watch Stephanie and John. They are both so talented.

Olivia Wilder-Yes, it is so embarrassing when your inner thoughts sneak out for all to hear! Thanks so much for writing. I hear positive comments about our "threesome" on your talk show. Thanks for that great opportunity.

Vito-OH cool, now I have you in two spots. Thanks for commenting on Facebook and the Blog!

Vera- I know what you mean. When I try to speak a language that is not my mother tongue, the words do not have the same depth of meaning. I remember getting all frustrated when I was in Germany and said a nice so nice word, but honestly it just did not have that same negative meaning for me. Of course, I must remember that it just might not be true for others. Your writing is so awesome. Thanks so much.

Olivia Wilder said...

Ah, yes, the "threesome!" What fun that was. I'm up for a re-visit any time you wish. It was lots of fun! Come back soon.

BTW I was thinking when I saw the "bear" full of "Massage Oil" yesterday of the cabin/bear incident at Big Bear. I thought, "Oh no, here we go again!" Who would have guessed it would be ice water this time. Bet that was COLD! Great seeing you yesterday. Looking fiiiiiiine! :-)

Ewas Sida said...

Thank you for your answer comment was very nice to hear !

Yes small world =))

Hugs Ewa

David Stahl said...

Dear Jennifer,
B&B is the third soap that I watch, efter ”Dallas” and ”Falcon Crest”, both a long time ago. I think the acting, especially the facial expressions, are superb in B&B. Lately, unfortunately, the emphasis has moved from business affairs to love life and unexpected babies. I am a little disappointed with your figure, Donna. When you were new in the serial, you were Brooke’s ”bad sister” and quite vicious. But lately you have become as meek as the others. It started when Pam’s dog died, and she falsely blamed you for it. Instead of biting back you were defensive and apologetic and even came with flowers for the dog’s funeral. Now, here in Sweden, you are being taken for a ride by Owen, and Stephanie has just discovered you in bed with him as Eric is slowly waking up from his coma. That would never had happened to the old, "vicious" Donna. But I like the B&B and you and Katherine (Brooke) are a very god actors.