Monday, February 2, 2009

Me & Radio: talking with Olivia Wilder

In case you didn't catch the radio show I did last night with Olivia Wilder, here is your chance to listen to it now! It was lots of fun and the topics were diverse...from Bold and Beautiful to being half naked on the show, going commando (did I really admit to this?), sneaking out as kids and well, all that fun that happens when you get a few girls together to talk.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the show, and yes, my sister Rebecca - who you have heard about - dropped in to chat was our 2 for 1 deal for Olivia...and she definitely had her hands full! We had some great calls in from all over, including Sammy all the way from Australia! She almost skipped work for the event!


Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

I'm very happy for Sam from Australia.

I'm sad I could'nt listen, because it's night in Belgium and I had to wake up early today for work.


sam bell said...

hey jennifer!
that was so lucky the minute the show ended i had to leave for work, that was great timing!

thank u and rebecca so much for going on the show u guys were so funny u have to go back on the show again!!
THANK U so much for talking to me!

i was so shy and i dont know why but i sound like a 9 year old, i dont know if sound like that in real life or just on the phone! lol

it was soooo much fun talking to you guys! i cant believe i got to talk to you!

hey did u hear a strang voice on the show? around the part when u and rebecca were saying u gonna cry there was a crazy voice was it the gilbert guy? lol

thanks so much for talking to me!
im so happy and it was 1 of the best times in my life!

i dont know what the commando means ill have to find out, i just know about the army guy called a commando

love sam
p.s ive been listening to the show a few times since its on play back!

sam bell said...

p.s i love the part when olivia got cut off near the start and u kept saying hello u didnt know what to do!
that was so funny
and she thought i was a guy cos my name is sam lol!

dj ashrafi said...

hi jennifer back on your blog after a long time....heard your radio show was really interesting and was so sweet to hear both of you on the show..we get to know lot about you and it was real ashrafi

Vera said...

Hey sweetie, that was a great interwie..... I wished that i could hear it, but i went and watched a Maltese movie which used to be in TV and now its on the cinema! And i met a few of the actors....

Anyways, back to you. You sounded soooooo cute in it, and im so happy for Sam that got the chance to talk to you. If it was me, i would collapse.. He he he!! great interwie swt

Olivia Wilder said...

Hi Jenn,

Had sooo much fun with you and Rebecca. Come back anytime! I don't know if you can embed the player with your show here, but I think you can. I sent you the embed code on Facebook. Also, I spent an entire day (!!) editing it and trying to fix the sound, which was uneven, and cut off the first cut off! :-) Anyhow, thanks again for being such a fun guest. Please come back soon. xo, Olivia
Here's the link to your show:

Scott N said...

Hi, Jenn:

I sent you a note on Facebook, but I'll add it here, too. Sorry I missed you on Olivia's show. I was trying to budget my time to get on, but with the Super Bowl on, my brother - the family master chef, as I've mentioned before - needed my help to get some stuff together so it was just right when half-time arrived, and the timing just didn't work out. I will listen to the playback, though, and hopefully I can check you out next time you get a chance to visit with Olivia.

- Scott

annen said...

oooh, I listen, I laugh and I smile and a let my head nick like yes, yeees, yes, you and Rebecca seems to be a wounderful sister-team. Olivia got the point. She was a bit lasy-lady and I love it. My english goes better and better so I understand most of the intervju.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said... can listen now to the radio show. It was really fun and I was glad that sis Rebecca called in to talk. She's fun.

sam bell-Did I tell you how happy I am that you were able to call into the show? I did not think that you were going to be able to do this with the time difference. I thought that you would be at work or getting ready to leave for work. I am glad that it happened. My sister and I are glad to put a voice to a letter, email and message.
I am happy for you!!!! You are an awesome fan!
You are so correct, I did not know what was happening in the start of the show. I was thinking, maybe we are no longer connected!

dj asjraft-I am so glad that you were able to listen to the radio show. As sam wrote above, I was not sure it was really going to happen. When we finally got connected and sister Rebecca called in to the show, it was so much fun.

Vera- I am so glad that you liked the radio show. Everyone was happy with the interview, so it is very possible that we will do another show! Wouldn't that be fun. I want to play Olivia's game...Please read Olivia's comments. She was so cool....we loved being on her show!!

Olivia- Thank you so much for the opportunity to do that fun interview. It was so cool when sister Rebecca joined us. thanks for inviting her on from the chat room...that was very sweet!

Scott N-I am glad that you can hear the show with Olivia, sister Rebecca and myself. My mom and dad listened and laughed so hard. Mom said she really liked the part about the roof and "the escape". Boy...that was so long ago. Now that I can go out whenever I want, I cannot imagine climbing down the rain spout. What was I thinking? And by the way, Mark Walker and my sis have been in should have heard that conversation!!! Maybe next time, we'll invite him on the show...that'd be fun. Sharing the almost first kiss with the same guy!!!!

annen-I am glad that you liked the interview. It was FUN...FUN and more FUN to do. I look forward to more. Olivia Wilder is an excellent interviewer.

Vera said...

Hey sweetie thankx for the comments....I enjoy to hear the interwie as it was sooo much fun, to hear...

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thanks so much for ur comment!
it was so nice talking to you, rebecca and olivia on the show! it made me so happy!
and u guys were so funny!
i hope you and rebecca go back on the show again that would be awsome and u can play olivias game