Friday, March 13, 2009

Tongue Twisters: a battle to find the very best!

I got some great replies to the blog "learning from the best" and it really got me thinking of all the cool tongue twisters out there...

And since we are lucky enough to have an international following on this blog and on Bold and Beautiful...I thought it would be really neat to share some of the best tongue twisters from around the world. And then let's compare them!

Do tongue twisters have a recurring theme?
Do tongue twisters have to make sense?
And who can speak tongue twisters better: kids or adults...and why?!

So, share this with as many people as you know so we get all kinds of feedback!

And please let the tongue twister games begin!


We Love Soaps said...

I'll start with an old standard.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers?
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

And I have a hard time with anything involving "S" like
Six thick thistle sticks. Six thick thistles stick.

Scott N said...

Here's one more:

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

In English is it for me to difficult but in dutch we have also a tongue twister. It is " de kat krabt de krollen van de trap" and you have to say it very quicly. When you do that you have to laugh because it is very funny when some one says that. In French I know also one it is " un vert vert dans un vert vert" It means a green worm in a green glass.
Lots of love Joke

Vera said...

He he he, i dont know anyone in english. As its so difficult for me. I know one in maltese.. And its so funny if you have to say it laud and quick..

P.S. Joke i tried to say the dutch one, and thank God nobody in my house know dutch... LMAO, great one eh!!

ashley said...

Billy Button bought a buttered biscuit,
did Billy Button buy a buttered biscuit?
If Billy Button bought a buttered biscuit,
Where's the buttered biscuit Billy Button bought ??

David Stahl said...

Dear Jennifer,
B&B is the third soap that I watch, efter ”Dallas” and ”Falcon Crest”, both a long time ago. I think the acting, especially the facial expressions, are superb in B&B. Lately, unfortunately, the emphasis has moved from business affairs to love life and unexpected babies. I am a little disappointed with your figure, Donna. When you were new in the serial, you were Brooke’s ”bad sister” and quite vicious. But lately you have become as meek as the others. It started when Pam’s dog died, and she falsely blamed you for it. Instead of biting back you were defensive and apologetic and even came with flowers for the dog’s funeral. Now, here in Sweden, you are being taken for a ride by Owen, and Stephanie has just discovered you in bed with him as Eric is slowly waking up from his coma. That would never had happened to the old, "vicious" Donna. But I like the B&B and you and Katherine (Brooke) are a very god actors.

Ewas Sida said...

What a cute kid is it you sisters kid ? =))

We have in sweden but i cant explain it in english .. =(

But i wish you a wonderful weekend,, i have seen all your links and questions on facebook to so nice and fun and sweet of you =)) I have a other pic on FB so i dont know if you know its me when i write you? You have so many friends =)) cant be easy to know all i understand that very well =))

Do you have some nice easter planes ?

I am going to see my daugther and my grandchild Jessica now 3 month will be so fun !! =))

I got pics on her on FB to =))

You take care Jennifer and have a great weekend !!

Talk to you soon =))


Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

We love Soaps-Yes, I do remember that one from grade school. I find the harder I try, the worst it gets.

Scott N-Yes, that is an excellent one.

Joke- How can you speak tongue twisters in another language? You deserve the prize! Actual jokes and tongue twisters in a foreign are the most difficult.

Vera- I remember being in Germany with friends. We were all sitting around a table and someone told a joke (in German). I was just beginning to think to myself, "Hey I am starting to know this language." Well, I am waiting for the joke to start and everyone is laughing. I had not even realized that they had stated to tell the joke.

ashley- OK.....I never heard of that one before. I will tell that to my nieces and nephews for sure.

David Stahl- So you like the ol' Donna. Well, I must say that in "real" life I have many facets to my personality. I can be both feisty as well as defensive. Maybe the writers will show that "vicious" Donna that you like again. I am having fun with the variety of roles. I am glad that no matter what, you are enjoying my acting. Keep writing and give me your perspective

Ewas Sida-Sometimes I am on FULL power when I write on FB and sometimes I am only half power. It depends on the time and day. If I do not notice something, I am writing either very late or too early. Hey, send me a "real" pix in the postal system, and I will tape it to my computer! I will get it correct....all of the time! (I think?)

Ewas Sida said...

Okidoki will do =))

Tammy said...

THIS IS FUNNY ONE!!!... One smart fellow, he felt smart, two smart fellows they felt smart, three smart fellows they all felt smart!!! Almost always comes out you have smelt fart in the end! No pun intended! Thank my dad, for that one!