Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting Sewn: what it sometimes takes for that fashion fit!

Did you know that sometimes to get that snug look, you actually have to be sewn or taped into your clothing.

Yeah, it's true (or at least it is for me).

And so, if you like to drink lots of water like I do...sometimes it can be a real challenge!

So last week you heard about using double stick tape to ensure that the back of your bathing suit stays in place (on your bottom) while you walk...and I was really surprised I didn't get any comments about that. Ok, maybe everyone already knows that trick and it's just not a big deal--though let me tell you, removing that tape...not so fun!

Did you know that when I got dressed up for Thorne and Donna's wedding, they taped and sewed me into that dress? Remember the cleavage? Well, how did you think it got that way?! Kinda neat. It is amazing all the work and effort that wardrobe goes though...

And to contrast, for Eric's wedding wardrobe made the dress so lighweight it was like wearing nothing at all...hee hee.

Does the use of tape and sewing still sound strange? Well, look at it this way...if you are moving around, the dress/clothing will move with you. And the only way to be sure that everything stays in it's exact place is to use tape and possibly sew it together on the spot and in place...(but if anyone knows of another way...oh please send me your thoughts and suggestions!)

(the top photo is from a photoshoot of Brentwood Magazine)


Mike© said...

Being sewn and taped into clothing sounds odd, but the end result is great! Having to remove the tape doesn't sound like much fun, though....

Robert C. said...

Women and clothes. Always a foreign subject for us guys. :)

For a wedding [real or fiction] we slap on a tuxedo and that's it. Life is good. No tape, no sewing. And if all the guys' outfits look the same, that's good. LOL.

Joke Devos said...


Wow so beautiful photo shoot. I've never see.

Donna's wedding dressed are beautiful. I love Donna & Eric Wedding.


Angelique said...

I didn't know that about the tape Jen, will try it out someday, and let you know how it was hahaha...
but you in the weddingdress how on earth did you get out of it then? Hope the dress survived it and you too! :-)
How long did it take you then to get dressed and all?
Never thought about it before you mentioned it.
And I love the photoshoot pic.

Take care

ashrafi said...

PIC 1- it appears like your looking up 2 the heavens above and saying oh god when am i going to get out of this 1.. ha ha
ouch!! being taped and sewn into clothing ..what does that feel like?
PIC 2 PIC 3- dress or no dress.tape or no tape.your the HOT TAMALE of B&B.even pam thinks so!!LOL...

Alicia said...

I heard about the tape trick from Terri Ivens. She uses it took keep things in place, too. I read a really good article about Ashley Jones and all the dresses she wore in one year. She said something about using little weights plus tape to keep a certain dress from exposing her chest. Weights is something I've never heard of before, as well as actually being sewn into a dress. That sounds very complicated!

sam bell said...

hey jen
i love the photo of u in the rain u look like a princess in a fairy tale its awsome!!

sorry i didnt give a comment about ur tape and swimmers i didnt know what to say lol

the photos of u at thorns wedding and the photo at erics wedding are great ur really a beautiful bride

which wedding dress and hair style did u like the best? i think there both great but my fave 1 is the erics wedding ur hair was so cute

and how did they sew u into the dress? like u had to stand there while they sew up the dress? lol thats funny! and how did u take it off? that would of sucked if u had to use the bathroom lol

love sam

p.s the photo of u when u look like a princess in the rain what was the artical about that went with the picture? its such a great photo were u modeling the necklace and ear rings?

Vera said...

Wow ireally liked that pic ( first one ) so does my mother as i had said 'wow shes stunning'.. Its like your looking up at something, wonderfull picture..

About the tape, well im curious and i had tried it at my bff house and it had worked.... The big problem was, how to get out. As it didnt wanted to be removed... Ha ha ha. Great trick....

And how long did it take you, to get in the weeding dress, and was it heavy for you to walk? BTW those both dress were wonderfull and you looked stunning..

Gunna send you a letter, hope you will like it, it will be next week!!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

Like Robert said above, we guys probably didn't comment on the swimsuit/tape tips because it's hard to relate, and the same is true of the idea of being sewn and taped into our clothes. But that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the end result, like that pic from the photo shoot you included. :)

Thanks for the comparison between your experiences in Donna's two wedding gowns. And speaking of Donna and gowns, do you have any stories from the show-stopper you had to wear in the episodes where Thorne and Felicia locked you in the steamroom, leading up to Stephanie's shooting? What was it like to get into that outfit?

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

mike-You are so correct. It doesn't take as long to take the stitches out and tape off, but it definitely is harder. But to truly appreciate it, maybe just try it once... ;-)

robert c. - They say, clothes can make the person, that is why designers can charge so much for them. Are tuxedos comfy?

joke- I love your "real postal letter" I am answering it.

angelique- Thanks for the kind comment. Here are two wedding dresses, and maybe they look alike. But the truth is they are not similar at all! The dress for Thorne's wedding was heavy and a little uncomfortable. I did not think I could stand up with it on. Remember the blossoming cleavage? Well, sometimes to get that look, everything needs to be squeezed…you get the picture, right? It was a challenge just to wear it for the filming. The dress for Eric's wedding was a dream to wear. It was lightweight and fun to be in...what a pleasant surprise. Like being nude Yippie! You probably did not know that!

ashrafi- Thanks for the comments. For photo #1, I might have been a compressed Tamale. And thank you so much for your facebook e-mail! I love Bollywood!!! I cannot wait to see if we can connect on that. And your music. Please send me a mix!!!

alicia-Getting dressed to be filmed when the clothes cannot move, no matter how you
move, can be a challenge. And so why the tape can be so useful...give it a try...just do a little because taking it off, that's another story!!!

sambell- You probably think that I am standing near a lovely warm waterfall in the forest, or maybe in a gentle warm rain. Think again. I am in the studio standing under a cold garden hose. Photos can sure be deceiving! And I was freezing my taped up bottom!!!

Vera – What is your real name so I can look out for your letter? Oh, you tried the tape? That’s fun. See! It works, but getting it off, is the other part…get in the shower. That helps remove it. And if you have on a spray tan, forget it…it will take that right off! As far as the wedding dress, it took hours to get into it and out. Also read my response above about the weight….

Scott – Perhaps I will do a blog entry on that dress, what a great idea. Thanks! I loved doing that scene with my makeup flowing, hee hee. As far as the dressing, I guess it would be hard to understand and since men have more hair I think the tape must also sound frightening…am I right?! Thanks for your comments! And I’ll work on that blog entry about the steamroom and see how it comes out…if it's good, I'll post it!!

Joke Devos said...

Thank you for your comment.
You make me very happy.


sam bell said...

ya the photo is awsome i thought u were in a real forest lol
it looks great

and why did they use cold water and not warm water? they like playing mean tricks on u like pammy does

Katy said...

Jenny, I just found out you have a blog from Rebecca on facebook....I love it! I'm glad to see you are doing well and having a blast in LA! Miss you and hopefully we can have a big family get-together sometime over the holidays!
Love, Katy (your cousin)

Vera said...

My real name is Veronica Spiteri( vera for short and its that i love it ).. I will send it,. next week with the gift from lourdes i had promised you!! :D

yes, but the think was that my bestfriend mother banned me from using the bath-tube, as i had did loads of mess in it... But it was fun, me and my bff enjoyed.. BDW i was dressed.... Ha ha ha..

Scott N said...

Yes, Jen, you're right about the tape thing seeming very scary to us guys. Once we managed to put it on, taking it off would be very painful indeed.

I hope you give that blog about the steamroom scenes a try. From the bratty way Thorne and Felicia lured Donna in there to your cries for help and getting rescued by Jake, those were some good episodes, especially with the way they led up to Stephanie's shooting and the later fall-out with Storm, so I'm sure there's lots of stories for you to share from that time.

BTW, speaking of you and your fashion sense, I just got the new Soap Opera Weekly where you offered your comments on 7 different outfits you wore off the set in their Soap Opera Style feature. I know they only could squeeze so many shots of you into 2 pages, so maybe you can share some others with us here if you have any.

rickn14 said...

Jennifer,I love your blog and your so beautiful in wedding dress.the B&B`s producer did choose you very well.because you look like brooke`s sister in the real life.
a la prochaine
Richard Nickner

Alicia said...

Hi Jen,
Just wanted to say thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to reply to our comments!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Joke- Thanks again Joke.

sambell- I know...I think that they did not want to take a chance of creating steam in the cool room and fog the camera lenses.

katy- I am at home and hopefully will see your mom (my aunt). My gandmom turns 90 this week.

vera- hmmm what could be from lourdes....want to give me any hints?

scott n- I will share some of my other thoughts about the fashions, for sure! I am on the east coast today, I looked but have not found the SC Weekly magazine. I am not completely sure what fashions were missed in the article. I will check again and then will comment. OK?
I am so glad that you gave me some ideas about topics of interest. Did you know that we will do another cast photo this coming Monday, November 3rd? I asked wardrobe and was told to wear a white gown for the photo. That means that I will need to make sure that I spray tan before I return. (Sure hope that I can find a safe tanning place here and do not get locked in the booth. )
All of the actors wear body makeup everyday on the show. Yes, every exposed inch of skin must be covered. Don't you see how tan and smooth we look? Well, not with a while gown! I will let you know what happens.

rickn14- Thank you for the kind comments. Sometimes I watch the TV in my dressing room and think, "Oh there I am", and suddenly realize that, No. it is KKL and not me.

alicia- I enjoy the blog too. It gives me the opportunity to talk directly to BnB's fan. Which of course is a great experience!

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

I late you know that I've yesterday Belgian Stamps sent to you for your niece.

I miss you and Cathy Tomas very


Vera said...

Erm i dont know as i dont have any clue, and yes i like to leave people with a huge curiosity but i hate who does that to me!!!! :P... Friday i'll be there, and sat send you the gift!!

I did a mistake on Bnb Blog, i said monday

Mon said...

Hi Jennifer.

Sewed in,? That dosens´t sound to comfortable.Being a model isn´t always as glam as it seems on Americas Next Top Model I guess.I watched Make Me A Super Model with Tyson Beckford last week and one guy opted to make a shoot with a broken foot!That also sounded crazy to me.But he wanted to make it and have a chance at being a top model so he went for it.I guess it´s all in the buisness,but it all seems so brutual.


Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Joke- Yes, thanks for the stamps. My niece will have a great collection.

Vera- two more days you will send the gift, so it might be there next week. I will be on the lookout! Give me a hint! hmmmm.

mon- Show biz is hard....but I love it!

Joke Devos said...

Thank you so much.
I collect stamps for your niece