Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have you ever heard of a Whoopie Pie?

This is me eating a whoopie pie all the way from the East Coast. So, what's a whoopie pie doing in Los Angeles?

Good question!

Last week I told my mom and nieces I was going to post a blog entry on my recent Bold and Beautiful crying scenes (in secret I love these scenes, they are so challenging!)...and they felt compelled to send me some comfort food! Since they know I love eating whoopie pies--and have ever since I was a kid--they tracked down my old baby-sitter Bert and had a cooking session with her.

Boy, was I thrilled and surprised to receive pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies in the mail! And here are a few pictures of their cooking lessons with Bert! Thanks Bert and girls! I really appreciate it (and so do all my friends that are trying to swipe them!)

If you are still confused...go check out my Bold and Beautiful blog, click here. It should be up today. I wrote an entry about what it takes to do all those crying scenes...lots of preparation, water, and some aspirin!

Thanks for checking out my blog and I'd love to hear your comments about what foods comfort you!



Angelique said...

Hi Jen,
Never heard of those Whoopie pie's, but they sure do look great!
Is it chocolate with what kind of filling?
When I am in dip I need chocolate too.. love it. But at the moment, I need it, but cannot eat it:-( that hurts... poor me.. hahaha.
Now I have to explain that I think, had surgery in my mouth, so no hard or sweet salty things... soup all the way..
Can't wait to read your blog on the B&B site about crying, it isn't up yet, but then again we have a big time difference.
So I will check in again tonight and see if it is up there.
Enjoy your Whoopie Pie's and have a good week.

Vera said...

Hey Jen, yummmmy,yummy,yummy... They sounds delicious, but too bad i cannot eat sweets ( on diet he he he)..But anyways, can you tell me where to find the recipe, i would love to try them, im sure my bestfriend brother will love them ( and why not me try them :p )

I just read your blog on BnB, and wow i didnt knew that to make a cry scene takes you long, i mean to think about somehing and stuff... And it happens to me aswell, a big headach starts..

The only thing that can comfort me when im cring ( which btw it doesnt take ya long, i see a movie or my causin calls me,i cry quick )... Is twistees ( maltese packet ), and sometimes when mom buys it is Honey ring, so delicios.

P.S. heres the link for the recipe

Joke Devos said...

I've never heard from whoopie pie
But whoopie pie is made of chocolate with filling. The chocolate is very well-known in Belgium.


Alicia said...

Those pies look yummy! That was super sweet of your mom and nieces to send them. I love reading about your family because you all seem so close, a lot like my own fam.

My comfort food is anything chocolate. I'm a total choco-holic. Oreos and/or rocky road ice cream does it for me ;)

sam bell said...

hey jen
i havent heard of whoopie pies until rebecca told me, b4 that i only heard of whoopie golderberg lol

i read ur new blog on the bold and the beautiful site and i get so sad when ur crying :(

the whoopie pies look great ill have to try and make them sum time

haha and u look so cute eating them like ur a lil kid again and its a great photo of ur green eyes! there the same color as my eyes

hmm i dont know what comfort food i like but when i eat pavlova it makes me happy! i have it every year on my birthday

Carolyn said...

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies???? Never had one, only the original kind. Am jealous just thinking about it!

Have to say, you were the only one that dropped real tears when Katie was in the hospital. I even made a commment about it on the message board at the time. That's when I started noticing how much heart you put into your performance. The others seemed to take it for granted, but you got the acting right on those scenes.

I feel a good cry coming on... pass a pumpkin whoopie pie, please.

There was one time, I think it was KKL that said that when you have to make a face of disgust, you make the face like something really smells. Cracked me up! I brought it up during a girl's night out with friends and we roared as we made those smelly faces.

(I always have a hard time signing on here. It never seems to take my password or username from the google blogger. By a fluke, it accepts it after many MANY attempts. Does anyone else experience this? It's very frustrating!)

sam bell said...


yes the goggle/blogger thing makes me type in my password and user name like 3 times just to leave 1 comment lol

but i like leaving comments for jen so its worth my time lol :)

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the reply, Sam.

How do I stop this from happening? I want to continue to post here, but it's too much of a drain on time to have to keep typing in the same password and these word verifications only to hope it works. It tells me my password is wrong, but then it takes in the next hit. Very annoying. I just wasted tooooooo much time to get this to post.

I TOTALLY do not get how or why it posted this time. I swear, I've been at it for an hour or so. I can't put this kind of time in.

Is there another blog that can be used that the users don't have so many problems with??

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:
Those whoopie pies sound tasty. I would have to beg away from them because of dietary restrictions, but it's cool that your family would send you some when you need some comfort food due to all those crying scenes. Since Donna has been in tears quite a bit the last few months, they must be sending a lot to you.

I replied back to your B&B blog entry about the crying scenes. I liked the info about how you prepare, especially the one about how you sometimes think about the lost puppies. That reminds me of an ASPCA commercial that often airs on TV with Sarah McLachlin that always brings tears to my eyes just watching.

Things have been heating up for Donna this week, so we know you've been hard at work on the set to make those scenes happen. I can't wait to see what happens next.

And a note to Carolyn and Sam about login problems here. Do you use a blogger ID to log in or a Google ID? If it's a Google ID, one thing I do is use the Google Toolbar to log me in to my iGoogle page, gMail, etc. So when I come here, it already recognizes me as logged in and I just go ahead and post away.

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the input, Scott. I think it helped. (Yay!) I'm crossing my fingers that this goes through.

I'm with you about that commercial for the ASPCA. I'm a HUGE animal lover. I actually can't look at the t.v. when that commercial comes on. I can't handle any kind of animal abuse, neglect or cruelty. I wish they'd tighten the laws on that issue.

Indeed, this has been a weird week for Donna Logan. Asking help from Stephanie?! Good Lord, hell must've frozen over. I hope Donna gets over that fast and is back on the warpath soon to reconnect with Eric as it seems that's all she wants.

sam bell said...

Carolyn and Scott N
im a animal lover too! and i look after injuried blue tognue lizards

and i love dogs so much too!
i saw the most horrible thing on facebook theres a group against crulty to dogs and it had a video of dogs being killed and skinned alive it was the worst thing i ever seen b4 i nearly passed out it was that horrible

i always goto steve irwins zoo and support helping and protecting animals

how cute is jen how she thinks about lost puppies!!!
see how big her heart is

Carolyn said...

Hey Sam, did Scott's comment help you in leaving messages here? It sure did help me!


I completely understand how you feel, Sam, about the animal cruelty. Please don't tell the story! Those stories haunt me so terribly. God! Those people deserve the same treatment they give to the animal.

If only Pam (Stephanie's Sister) really existed, then we could sic her on them!

Bless your heart for the work you do to help the blue tongue lizards. Indeed, it did make me smile when Jennifer mentioned that thinking of lost puppies got her to tear up. :)

Vera said...

Carolyn, sometimes that happens to me aswell. All i do is, click on 'Sign In' that i have on top. And that takes you to your profile ( or homepage, it wil takes you the blogs that your following ). As soon as im on there i click on one of Jens topics, it will open a new window. There you can replay to Jen's, posts without having trouble signing in...

I have some trouble cos i always forgets password.. Sorry for my english, if you didnt understood send me and email will explain there!!!

P.S. i agree, Jennifer got the cutest eyes ( mine are brown/green ).... And the pic is adorable, so sweet!!!!

Scott N said...


I'm glad my little trick worked. I love all things Google, so I always try to pick up little hints like that.

And to you and Sam, I'm particular to dogs myself, having adopted two mutts in my time, one of whom had puppies and gave us two more. But whether you're partial to dogs, cats or even lizards like Sam, it's just horrible what some people do to members of the animal kingdom. At least there are a lot of organizations out there that do their part in helping out our furry, feathered or reptilian friends.

And if we thought Donna's week was going bad before, today's show just made it worse, didn't it?

sam bell said...

it makes me so sad when there mean to donna and how ridge and all them gang up on her

but i do love it when pammy and donna fight its so funny! hey once didnt donna call pammy a wicked witch from the wid west lol

and ive always wanted to know what a hot tamarle is? they always call donna that, its so funny! and felicia says donna is a hoochie momma i dont know what that is but it sounds funny lol

i wish they would stop picking on donna becuase shes so nice and she crys nearly every episode :(

Carolyn said...

I can understand your writing perfectly. I do the same thing by constantly forgetting my password. Thanks to you and Scott, I'm now able to get in here. *Yay!* You both helped me tremendously. The anger you saved me is more than you know. It makes you feel like an idiot when you can't seem to do the simple things. Thank God for the Teachers of the world - you two included. :)

I don't know where all of you are in the story right now, but the episode that just aired was Pam has Donna cornered at Brooke's house, Hope and RJ are upstairs, and Eric just came to the door. Pam's packin some heat this time.

I love the scenes with Pam and Stephanie and Donna. It seems that the message is to the "Hot Tamalies" is that the older woman are fierce fighters. Let's face it, Stephanie and Pam are evil. I'm waiting to see Donna's evil side come out, but it seems she's a bit too scared to go there. I have hope. The dress Jennifer has on right now looks great on her. A white top with a black bottom. Great style for you, Jennifer. You wear it well.

By the way, I wanted to mention how adorable your nieces are. I have a niece and nephew and it's The Best relationship, isn't it? I love being able to spoil them, being their best buddy, and not having to do any of the work. Friday Night, I'm having my niece over for a sleepover. Can't wait! :^)

It's seems like your a real family girl; must be hard to live so far away from them. Especially for holidays like Halloween...assuming they get dressed up and go trick-or-treating. They're adorable. I love the closeup of the whoopie pies with the little one's hand in the background.

Oh, shouting out to Sam Bell...Hey Sam, I had a dream last night about a really cool lizard that my friend left on the side of the road because he liked it there best. The whole dream was me trying to get him to move because I was worried about him getting hit by a car, but the little guy really did love the spot and didn't want to move. What a dilemma! :o)

Sorry for the length of this note!

Have a great day, everyone!! Jennifer, thanks for the entertainment. I hope you're enjoying the job as much as we are watching you do it.

Vera said...

I can understand your writing perfectly. I do the same thing by constantly forgetting my password. Thanks to you and Scott, I'm now able to get in here. *Yay!* You both helped me tremendously. The anger you saved me is more than you know. It makes you feel like an idiot when you can't seem to do the simple things. Thank God for the Teachers of the world - you two included. :)

Oh huny you are so welcome, and im glad that i helped you and that you understood my english well.Im horrible in that, lmao.....The thing, is that when i does that, i dont have to do the password. It just logs me there...

P.S. oh yea, i always thankx him hehe cos i learned from my ECDL teacher ( gotta miss her )

vito said...

Hi Jen,
i write to you from Italy ( sorry for my bad bad english), but after to saw your " Whoopie Pie" , i have a question: whoopie pie is like Oreo cookies????


Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Thank you for writing all these amazing comments. I am going to go through them and reply today. Last night I went to a party in Laguna Beach and took some pictures of it! I am going to post them probably on Monday! I am checking to see if a few pictures turned out...of cannon balling into the pool with clothing on! I was on the sidelines...! So, it wasn't me...I was well behaved!

Thanks again!!


sam bell said...

hey jen
wow i bet u had lots of fun?
cant wait to hear ur comments :)

and the package i sent u i checked the mail website it should of been deliverd to bradley bell a few days ago so im sure ull get it any time soon :)
love sammy.b

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Angelique- Whoopie Pies must be a PA. Dutch County specialty. They are in all of the stores in my mother's area. This area is considered Amish country. My former baby-sitter had been Amish/Mennonite as a young child. She can make all of those wonderful foods. They come in several varieties, but chocolate is my favorite.

Vera- The recipe is a family secret so Bert would not share all of the ingredient. I am sure it is online.....I do know that most pies are dry and hers are not. I am really glad that the blogging sign on got all worked out. Scott was a huge help! Maybe he could be our IT blogging expert-guy!!!! Thanks scott! Your eyes are brown green? As in the same or each eye is a different color? Wow, wouldn’t that be interesting.

Joke devos- I am sure that Belgium makes some wonderful Chocolate Pies ...hmmmmm

SamBell-I never ate whoopie pies as a young child. I lived in Germany, and did not learn about this treat until we moved to PA. Dutch Country. In Germany I ate pretzels! Maybe I should do a blog entry on that…they are fun to make and so delicious with mustard! Should I post that entry?

You are so correct...they are really mean to Donna! I have heard of a "Hot Tamale", and a "hoochie momma" It sounds like something my grandmother might have said so many years ago. I guess it beats some of the others words that might have spat at her. My great aunt Rita calls Donna a "hussey" that is also rather dated.

Alicia – Chocolate totally rocks. The funny thing is, my dad only eats white chocolate and my mom eats dark chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate! But if I eat too much I get a belly ache! Have you ever tried chocolate soup. I heard that’s all the rage now…I am not so sure about that…crushed up oreos in a milk shake is really good. Even with soy milk! Which I mostly drink…

Carolyn - I am so sorry you were having trouble signing on to this blog. But it sounds like Scott figured it out and help you both! Thanks so much for spending so much time, until Scott came to the rescue. I certainly know what that feel like when the computer doesn’t seem to be behaving. That is so cool that you understand about the puppy thing. They are so helpless and cute. I had a puppy sleep over last week. My friend has a puppy and so I babysat. I had to sneak the puppy in because I don’t know if I am really allowed to have it in my apartment. I took pictures of the sleep over and will post them in the future…! It’s cute and animals really can make you feel so much better! My sis and bro have dogs and I love visiting them! Oh!!! I am going home for Halloween! I am going trick or treat with my family. And my Sicilian Grandmother turns 90! What should I be for Halloween?

Scott- Thank you so much for helping everyone with the blog. I am so-so on the computer and could never have helped the way you did. So my sincerest thanks. How many pets do you have? Growing up I had rabbits, cats, mice, rats, fish, frogs, birds…snake…ummmm…we always brought home animals and my parents were sometimes not so happy about it. Especially when we didn’t tell them and the animals just showed up at dinner time. My sister has the record for bringing home puppies…probably like 4. Awwwwwww….

Vito- welcome to the blog! As you can see we have lots of fun here. Whoopie pie is like soft cookie with marshmellow inside. It’s quite good and so soothing! I’ll try and find a recipe on the internet....hey, maybe you can introduce whoopie pies to Italy!!!!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

for those that have asked about the summer fan event 2009...

Yes, I did hear from Cathy Tomas and she writes, "We don't have an exact date yet. All we know is that it will be in August of 2009 and most likely at The Sheraton Universal Hotel. Hopefully by the beginning of next month we will have a date and I will let you know."

sam bell said...

hey jen!
thanks for ur comment
lol yes i love the word hot tamarle
even my lil sister who is 8 says that word now! lol

wow u lived in germany when u were a kid? i didnt know that!

in australia the type of pretzels we have are little and are kinda like chips, but ive seen on the simpsons u can get really big ones

hey maybe u can rebecca can make a video cooking together? lol i wanna see what ur like in the kitchen

and thats so awsome that ur going trick or treating thats so cute!
its not realy big in australia but i love it its like 1 of my fave days of the year and i have halloween off i have no work so i think im gonna watch lots of scary movies and buy candy for my lil bro and sis, and this year im gonna try to make a jack o lantern but ive never seen a real 1 b4 only seen them on movies lol so im not sure how it will turn out lol if its alright ill show u and if it sucks i wont lol

hmm and i think u should dress up with something that has green hair of course! lol

and thats so freakin awsome the pets u had growing up! i love animals so much! i have so many pets like my own zoo and im a member of steve irwin (aka the crocodile hunters) zoo
hey and i have 2 pet frogs to! i named then lestor and cylde random names

and wow ur grannys turning 90! thats great she got to see u and the kids grow up im sure shes really proud of u! i am!

and i do enjoy soy milk to! i think its great

and i do get sad when ridge and every1 is so mean to u and gangs up its so unfair cos ur so nice donna is so innocent there just mean to u coz ur so pretty they just jealous lol

and u must take photos of ur halloween i would love to see photos of a real american halloween! and photos of u dressed up lol if u came trick or treating at my house id give u all the candy haha

sam bell said...

p.s thanks for the info on the fan event
when u know about the tickets please let me know cos i can come to america in august next year to goto the fan event! i dont wanna miss out this will be my chance to meet u
i never been outside australia b4 so its really exciting and ive been saving up every week so i can spend 2 months in america

Joke Devos said...

Thank you, Jennifer for your answer and more information about B&B Fan Events.
You make me very happy.
I love you, Jennifer.


Vera said...

Oh dont worry hun, im searching for it as im kinda curious now, and if theres mashmallows im definetly wanna do em, crazy for those...

And yes my eyes are green/brown. I dont use contact as what my ex used to tell me "roll eyes" ( pretty scared of them )... And they change the colour, ex if i were green they change to green. But if i wont wear something like that they are green/Brown.... And my younger causins ( 11 year old and 1 year and a half ) both are like me.

BDW every eye is the same. And benvenuto Vito :)

vito said...

Tks for your answer i'm a new fan here but is like to stay in family..incredible!!
Well in the next days i will try ask my beautiful girlfriend to cook "Whoopie pie's ".
I try to found a good recipe on internet, but...i have an idea..:" Whoopie pie's ..with Nutella (a famous italian chocolate cream), and, i'm sure, will be a big big success in Italy and Europe.

P.S : i love Nutella but i'm not fat :) :)


Mike© said...

For those in the West Los Angeles area, the best Whoopie Pies are at SusieCakes in Brentwood on San Vicente. Keep up the great work, Jen!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

It was my pleasure to help out with the computer tips. I've worked with them for so long, including having to troubleshoot the average user problems as part of my job, so I don't mind throwing in "tips of the trade" to help other fans out.

As for pets, I was always the "uncle", since my brothers owned the pets, but that didn't mean I loved them any less. While growing up, we had parakeets and fish (although there is a kind of ugly story of how I unintentionally trashed my younger brother's fish tank that's a big graphic, so I won't share the details). We weren't allowed to have dogs in our co-op apartment complex without approval, but we finally got a dog as a graduation present for my younger brother when we moved into a condo in the 80s. The dog became close to me over the first summer we had him, so he didn't understand when I left for college and his buddy disappeared for months at a time. Eventually I spent some extra time caring for him after college when he developed diabetes, since I gave him his insulin often. We had him for 12 years and my mom's heart was broken when he passed away, so we adopted a mini-German shepherd mix who turned out to be pregnant, and my older brother kept the two puppies that lived to be with him. The mama dog passed away last year and the female puppy earlier this year, but we still have the male puppy (who of course is no puppy anymore) in the family.

I bet you were thinking about those lost puppies a lot in those scenes from last Thursday and Friday when Donna was forced to tell Eric it was over. The waterworks were sure going strong. Does that mean more whoopie pie's from the family for having to cry your heart out again?

Scott N said...

And thanks for the info on the fan events, Jen. I always book time for my summer vacation around those, and Cathy does a great job organizing them, so I can't wait for next year's event.

dj ashrafi said...

u have the most amazing body yet you eat whoopie pie!!!now thats what i call a great balance..
you should try some indian sweets ladoo and gulab jamun...u may get hooked on to those 2....

ronnie said...

I have not tasted it. But after reading your post and watching the photos I will try it soon. Thanks.

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