Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking Out for Naked Cowboy...

UPDATE!!!! 10/28/08

I got this picture from Angelique...she found the Naked Cowboy! I haven't had that much luck, but after seeing this picture of him you can be sure I am really going to try!

I thought I would start the week out with this photo. Can you guess where this is?

It's Donna Logan (aka: me) pleading with Eric. Do you realize this image shows Bold and Beautiful being broadcast in Time Square! Isn't that neat!? And it got me thinking...has any of you actually seen the naked cowboy? even in the winter time? Oh boy, perhaps for the holidays this year, I'll have to go take a look myself.

Ok this week, I am going to post my first puppy sleepover...I am trying to locate the photo, but it wont be long! (and yes, I did find the hair roller picture, and yes, I am going to bravely post it soon too.)

And lastly, tomorrow on the official B&B site, I will post about Donna Logan's previous was quite intense.


sam bell said...

hey jen
wow that tv is really big and in america they have tvs in the street?? lol
i cant wait to see the puppy photo and the photo with rollers in ur hair, im sure u like fine tho it cant be as bad a green hair lol

we are 3 months behind so im not sure whats happening with u and eric
after he wakes up from the coma do u 2 break up becuase of that new owen dude?

Joke Devos said...

Wow so great photo. I think in New York.

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Wow. I guess that's what I miss working in downtown Manhattan (right across from Ground Zero). It's been years since I worked in Midtown, and when I do get up that way, it's more in the Macy's/Madison Square Garden area than Times Square. So I had no idea that CBS would put B&B on their Times Square video screens. I might have to find an excuse to get up there around 1:30 PM (when B&B airs in NY) to see for myself.

And no, I've never seen the Naked Cowboy, but word on the street is that he's real, and he even has his own web site to promote the character. Of course, he's not 100% naked, since he'd be arrested if he was. :-) But even so, to be out there in his briefs during the chilly NY seasons can't be easy.

And to Sam's question, yes, there are huge TV screens in Times Square, which is one of the most prominent places in the town I call home. The particular set of screens is owned and controlled by CBS, which airs B&B in the US.

Looking forward to your comments about Donna's busy week.

Carolyn said...

Good Old New York - was born and raised there. Love that town! Now live in CT, but can get down there to see plays every so often.

And the famous Naked Cowboy. I know he was going after the Mars Corporation because he claimed they stole his identity as an M&M. Poor guy has so much to worry about! Nope, I haven't seen him in person yet. Thank God he at least has a decent body since he insists on bearing most of it all.

Yay, the puppy photo and the roller photos are on the way. :^) Looking forward to it!

(I'm still trying to get over the pumpkin whoopie pies.)

A bit surprised to see B&B being broadcast in Times Square. Didn't think they'd air a soap, but glad they do. It must be pretty wild to see your picture up there. Very Cool, Jennifer! Congratulations!!

Just curious, how far ahead are you in taping the show compared to what is being aired now? Seeing the show yesterday, Donna went to Owen's after her chat with Eric. Man, now I know why your family sent such a big comfort-food package. You've been having to cry a lot lately. Hope you're having more fun that Donna Logan is these days.

sam bell said...

hey and i was wondering what is a naked cowboy? is it an american thing? lol

snd its so awsome how they put the bold and the beautiful on a really big tv in the street, that shows how popular the show is!

Angelique said...

hi Jennifer, Thanks for answering the Whoopie pie thing.. :-) will go and look for it here.. I think it is in NY this pic at time square.. love NY, go there if I have the change to see Bobbie Eakes, and yes I also saw mr. Cowboy, but it was August, so he was there..
No idea if in winter he is standing there too... hahaa, would be something!
do have a pic of the cowboy somewhere..

thanks again for answering!

Carolyn said...

Sam, Yes, unfortunately the Naked Cowboy is an "American Character".

For a picture, see this link:

He stands in the middle of Times Square in New York City in his briefs and cowboy boots with guitar in hand and plays his heart away all day. His name is Robert Burck, and not to worry, you're not missing much by not seeing him. ;)

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Sam bell- Three months behind....hmmmm that was the summer storyline here for us. It might be about the time I started my relationship with Eric. Later poor Eric was poisoned by his mean sister-in-law and lay in a coma. Tell me please how do the fans like this.... So glad that you follow the action via your computer....

BTW...It depends on what time of year it is but typically we are filming one month ahead. By the time we get to Christmas we are further ahead so that we can take 3 weeks off.
It does get a little confusing keeping it straight....What you are taping, what is airing, what the reporters are asking you about in the US and of course the reporters in other countries. Internationally we are anywhere from 6 months to 2 years behind so your head can spin trying to get it right.

Joke- Yes, there are huge TV screens in NYC and big posters too of different ads think you fly all of the way to California to visit us for the Summer Fan Event. WOW. That’s a super long flight!

Scott N- I could not believe that photo either! BnB in Time Square on the huge TV!!!. When my acting coach Janice Kent, who was visiting NYC, saw me (as well as another student of hers on 90210) she sent me the pix ....I remember living in the Big Apple and going to work and looking up at the screens...never did I think I would be there.

ALSO..we do have our problems, but just imagine on the West coast one could walk around in ones briefs much of the year (so not all bad!)…but you’d have to explain that to the police, no doubt, when you are stopped…

Carolyn- Maybe the naked cowboy will come to the downtown streets of California. It sure is more bare skin friendly here. Maybe next time I go to the beach, I’ll snap a few photos…some of the bathing suits, or lack of are really eye popping! I too was so glad to see BnB on the NYC big TV scene. I love our show and I am so glad others feel that way too. Thanks for that Naked Cowboy find. My question to YOU, have you seen him in person?

Angelique- You have a picture of him! Oh I hope you find it! August sounds ok but what about January! Wow. That would be impressive…

Joke Devos said...

Thank you for you answer. Oh yes, It's long flight from Belgium to Los Angeles.

I love your blogs
I've past week friday a comment posted by your B&B Blog.
My computer work not good.


Carolyn said...

Nope, I can't say I've ever seen him in person.

It's actually a good idea that he go to California. With the cold weather back here in the northeast, I would think he'd worry about shrinkage. That'd be one less worry if he were in CA.


Oh, and I'm with Joke...I enjoy your blogging. Hope you're having as much fun doing it as we are appreciating it!

Never thought of how you have all different types of shows to comment on...the ones being aired overseas, the ones you've taped, the ones that reporters ask you about that are being aired now. You must have a heck of a memory. They would've lost me just trying to remember my lines, add that element to it and I'd be done.

Vera said...

WoW that is great... Something that over here wont find, if its not once in a while when theres the world cup or eurocup!!

So whats the guy does, only sings in the middle or does a show? Sounds interesting and im so into NYC ( its in there right)....

BTW thankx Jen for sharring it!!

sam bell said...

hey jen! thanks so much for ur comment!
yes i checked on the bold and the beautiful web site and we are around 2/3 months behind usa
todays episode u just hired owen to be ur assisstant

everybody loves the story lines with u eric and crazy pammy! its so exciting and i hate waiting 1 day for the next episode cos it keeps u on the edge of ur seat! i always race home from work every night to watch the bold and the beautiful i tape it everyday so i can watch it when i get home from work
and fridays suck cos u have to wait over the weekend for mondays episode lol

and it must be so confusing when different countrys are behind, but im so glad i can update myself on the bold and the beautiful website its great! and i buy the 2 soap magazines every 2 weeks they come out so i can see new goss and pictures

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

joke- See you this Summer fan event 2009...get ready for your long flight!

carolyn- My family is also having fun watching my blog. They are sending me pix to share. I will be going home for a visit soon and will take lots of photos to post.

vera- Yes, the cowboy is in New York. Maybe I will visit NYC when I go home and find him. What should I say? Should I ask him anything specific? Now that would be a real blog pix to post.

Sam bell- You race home from work to watch the show?! That’s so cool. I guess that means you tape it and then watch it later? Do they have commercials in Australia during the show? What kind? That’d be interesting to hear about…You are a chef in training? Right? So do you cook everyday? Can you share a recipe with the blog? I am sure everyone would enjoy that!

sam bell said...

lol yes i cant wait to finish work just so i can get home and watch my show( the bold and the beautiful)
its on 4.30pm on channel 10 monday to friday and i watch it around 9pm when i get home

yes theres adds while the show is on and its annoying cos i just wanna watch the show like when something really good happens the adds awlays come on and it feels like they go for ever lol there just random adds for different shows or products and some crazy australian adds

well i have to cook all day and night at work, so i normally just cook at home on my days off
if u tell me some types of food or dishes u really like im sure i can give u some nice recipes

if u ever need a personal chef ill do it!

Joke Devos said...

Thank you so much for your answers. You make me very happy.

Vera said...

WoW Jen that is extra cool, erm i dont know. I dont know how it is like,we had never heared of him before!!!! Take pics of him, so i can see how it looks like :p

Vera said...

OMG, hes really naked.... I just tought its a nickname.. OMG, hope its not in winter cos he will be frozen in the middle..

Thank u so much for the pic.

sam bell said...

lol thats gross he really walks around nude just with his guitar?