Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone! I wanted to share these really fun photos moments before we go out and trick o' treat! Can you guess who everyone is?

what's wrong with this picture?

here comes Miss America, oh, I mean Miss Halloween..


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
hahahha the photos are awsome!!!

the last photo did ur mom dress up as you as miss new york?

it was hard to recognize u in the brown wig!good job

i see your mom,dad,rebecca and her 3 girls M.R,A.J and S.E there so cute!!
u all look great!

have fun trick or treating!
i wonder if anybody will know who u are?

rebecca dyed her hair a dark brown tell her it looks nice!

have a great night!

love sam

Vera said...

OMG those pictures are sooooo cute and the girls are adorable.. Have fun trick and treating!! And also happy halloween!!!

Kinda curious, did you go trick and treat with one of your co-workers????

Oh have loads of fun and enjoy it!!

Robert C. said...

Fun pictures, even if I've never been a big Halloween person. Probably because I didn't have a sweet tooth. So I wasn't big on trick or treating. :)

Mike© said...

Great pictures - looks like you are having a blast. There is nothing like escaping Los Angeles to spend time with your family - I need to do more of it myself.

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

Wow The pics are lovely. On the firts photo see I your nieces, you and your father

on the 2th photo: Your mother, your nieces, your sister Rebecca, and you.

On the laste photo: your mother as miss New York and you.

Your nieces are so cute.

How was on Halloween Party with your familiy? and Birthday party from your grandmother?

I send in december a package for your christmas and also for your sister.


sam bell said...

sorry its ur anuty that dressed up as miss new york not ur momma
the ladys in ur family all look the same lol

Joke Devos said...

Sorry, It is your aunt as miss new york on the last photo and not your mother.

rickn14 said...

Hi Jennifer,
your costume is very cool and all of your family's costume are great too.I hope you have fun with your family.
happy halloween
a la prochaine

Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

Looks like you and your family had some Halloween fun. Others seem to have already identified the family members in the photos, so I won't add to that. It looks like you're wearing you father's hat in that first one. How did he like wearing a crown? I also noticed the last three letters of your last name on his name tag; is that a real uniform of his that he's wearing, or was the name tag made up to make the costume look authentic?

Getting back to your questions from the last blog, yes, I did meet you at the 2007 Fan Event, and I posted a photo on the wall of your Facebook page. While that was the first time I met you, there was one time I saw you before that. I was at CBS Television City back in 1999 when you were playing Grace on Y&R, and I spotted you while you were on your way out of the studio for the day. My brother looked at me and said, "Wasn't that Grace?" Who knew then that I'd be posting on your blog? And yes, I plan on being there in 2009 for the next event.

Thanks for the answer about what you miss about the east coast. When I asked Will, we got to talking about the difference between L.A. and N.Y. weather, and he said he actually missed the snow since you don't get that in L.A. I guess there's still something magical about snow during holiday time, even if it does bring the cold weather with it.

Take care.

- Scott

Angelique said...

Hi Jennifer,
Great pics you put up.. we do not have Halloween here in NL as much as you all do in the US.
It does come here, but not as big, maybe that will happen someday, but not now.
Love your red hair :-) looks good on you.
The pics show you guys had lots of fun!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell-You asked if anyone knew who I was....well someone asked, "Are you Jennifer Gareis?" I replied, "Yes, I am Jennifer and Cleopatra (my costume) too!" So, I guess they did not believe me.

vera-I did not go out with my coworkers this year instead I went "Trick or Treating" with my nieces. In California we made a big deal out of this holiday with parties for the adults. I had to supervise my nieces more, but the dress-up was more fun. We started to get dressed up the night before. We went to the attic and pulled out dresses from LONG ago. We had the kitchen table, chairs and bureaus pilled high with costumes. Then we decided what we would wear. I wrote to above (to sam) that I decided to be cleopatra. It really looked so good.

robert c. The children really did not eat most of the candy they got. Actually hey enjoyed the dress-up part the best! Since we started the night before, they had all chosen their costume. Everyone put on a costume, and we took photos. As far as the candy, their mom has trained them well...seriously, they picked perhaps one inspected it and then asked mom if they could eat it. That was it! Impressive!!!!

Mike-Yes, it is nice to get away.

joke-My mother and aunt are there to help celebrate. They both wore old dresses. The birthday party went wonderful! I had a great time with my aunts and cousins (who I do not see that seldom). My Aunt Barbara is the Miss Halloween. My sis took video...wait until I post it, very funny stuff!

sam bell- and joke- Yes, the ladies in my family do look similar My aunt has a twin sister who looks so much like her it is crazy. I have video of that too, I'll have to post it!

rickn 14-Costume? he-he....I wore it to my prom in high school!

Scott n-I told my dad that he looked like a king. Good eyes..My dad is wearing his "real" army uniform. Can you figure out his rank? Oh....I am so glad that you will be coming to the fan event next summer. Cathy is supposed to tell me the date for this event soon. Have you heard?

angelique- We had a lot of fun. As I wrote above, it was completely different to celebrate with your young nieces instead of your coworkers. I enjoyed the chance. And what's this about a April 30th celebration? Queen's people dress up?

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thank u so much for ur messages!
it looks like u had a really great time with ur family!

its awsome how u share all ur fun with your fans, because on tv we just get to know donna logan but here we get to know the real u

cant wait to see ur new videos! its gonna be SO awsome

love sam

p.s it would of been so funny if while u were trick or treating somebody asked u for ur autograph!
i wonder if u would wrote jennifer or cleopatra lol

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your messages.
You make me very happy.

I send you a message soon on your facebook.

All my Love, Joke

Vera said...

That is sooo cool, trick and treat is really fun especially if you does that with kids.... But, i bet stay with your nieces is more fun, since i think you dont see 'em that much.... You had a wonderfull
costume and it was perfect on you!!

Its fun,isnt it decorate your house during halloween, over here its not popular. Carnival more!!!

Janis Petzold said...

Jennifer-glad that you had an enjoyable halloween. I also like to learn about you as Jennifer and not as Donna on B&B all the time. Can't wait to see the video.

Angelique said...

hi jennifer, thanks for replying, yes you can dress up a bit on queensday, then most everything is orange, since orange is the colour of NL too.
not like halloween dressing up though, that would be much more fun I think..
but it is nice, it is a free day, so you can go to amsterdam or where ever and they have stages where singers perform and all that, and at the end of the day a huge fireworks.
and the whole royal family goes out to a city to meet people there and do things the people made for them, fun to watch.
come on over around that time! :-)

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell- If you want to see that video, go to youTube. You will see Rebecca and I teaching all you ever wanted to know about the Compost. I'll be posting it soon...

joke- Thanks joke!

vera- I did not really decorate my house. We decorated ourselves more! ;-)

janis- I am glad you want to learn more about "Jennifer"...keep watching and you will! So much more to be revealed.

angelique-Is this an all day affair, or just the evening? Halloween with Trick or Treat happens ONLY in the early evening.