Friday, October 17, 2008

Walking the Dogs and the Long Awaited Roller Hair Picture

Ok. I am still trying to get the puppy playdate picture posted on this blog but it is going to take a few days. The thing is, it's not in my camera, but my friend Amy's computer blew up on her last week. No joke. So, depending on how that saga plays might be a few days. So instead for all those doggy fans, I am posting an ad I did for Evian where I am walking this beautiful dogs. This was lots of fun!

And before the weekend, I am leaving you with my roller hair picture. This is a few years old and the day of a 6th Day, actually, really old! These rollers turned my hair into corkscrews, which was cute.

For an event, like the one in Monte Carlo, I had a professional makeup artist. But sometimes, and probably more often than not, I do it myself. And yes, there are all kinds of makeup and dress tricks out there. I know just a few and will share one here that will really get you thinking...did you know that if you are wearing a bathing suit for scene and you have a lot of walking to can add a piece of double stick tape on your bottom so the suit doesn't slip...mind you, it only works for a little bit of time and you want to make sure the tape isn't too strong...because eventually, you want it to come off. And trust me you want that part to be easy!!! hee hee!!! Have a great weekend!


Carolyn said...

So glad you posted this. I just received an email from an animal rescue that had pictures so digusting, I am feeling sick at the moment. Seeing pink poodles did help to lighten the moment. Thank you. :)

So - you found the roller picture! You had nothing to feel self-conscious about. You still look better than most people even with your hair in rollers!

Vera said...

Oh wow those two dogs are sooo cute and and they are pink right?!?! My fav colour, i liked the picture... Looks like you was enjoying it....

I hate when my computer brokes up and then nearly lose everything, i drives me crazy.

WoW you look gorgeous with the rollers in your hair, i bet it turned out to be cute.. Cant Donna have some curls, she will be sooo cute with them... Beg the make-up artist.... And you look amazing in everything, your beautiful and with those rollers you looked more cute!!! And i didnt knew that, i does make u as soon as i got out of the shower... And yes, i make all the floor with water!!!

vito said...

Hi Jen,
strange but nice pic :).
I have a question for you : Have you worked for an italian fashion stylist ?

I'd like to see you in the Milano Fashion Week for.... VERSACE (i think the perfect brand for your style).


sam bell said...

LOL HAHAHA these pictures are great!

i watched the movie the 6th day a few times and i saw u in it and i liked it when u said hello adam u want a beer u were so funny

and i think the 2 dogs should be dyed green just for u!

the hair rollers picture is funny i dont know why but it kinda makes u look like an actress from the 50s

thanks for the 2 new pictures!
there awsome

have a great weekend!

love sammy.b

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Thanks for the poodle photo. I bet working with those cute pink poodles was a lot more pleasant than working with the likes of Tiny or the grizzly bear. :-)

And the long awaited roller hair pic was worth the wait. I agree with Vera that it would be cool to see Donna with some curls. Maybe if this Pam mess finally subsides and Donna gets the chance to model for Forrester again, they could work that in to the story.

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

wow those two dogs are sooo cute and beautiful and they are pink right?!?

I've also 2 dogs and 9 cats.

Have good weekend


Giuliano said...

Hello dear Jennifer!
My name is Giuliano,i am 29 years old and i live in rome.
I admire you but in this period i am a little sad i would like to write you for email if you want.
I let you know my email address.
Can you send me an email so we can talk a little?
email is

Carolyn said...

I wonder if you're ever freaked out by some comments you recieve. There's a fine line between being a fan and being a freak.

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

carolyn-Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, I am sitting on my bathroom bureau getting ready for an event. Mom snapped the photo! Funny comment you just posted! hee know it baby! ;-)

vera-If you want to see Donna with curly hair write "real" letters, or email letters (via the Bold and Beautiful website) to the producer. Who knows anything could happen. I'd love to have really curly curly hair! Maybe Pam can perm my hair while I sleep??

vito- You asked if I have ever worked for an Italian fashion stylist, I have not, but I would really love to try this work. Any suggestions?

sam bell- I loved working with those pink dogs. They were so sweet and really attractive! I did have a great weekend. I studied! No apartment clean up! That's next weekend!

scott n- Can you believe Pam? She is up to more problems for poor Donna. I cannot believe how everyone feels so sorry for Pam. How about me, the victim! Hello!!! Maybe I should make a t-shirt that says, "Poor Donna"...what do you think?

joke- Did I tell you that I received your "real postal letter"? Thanks for writing. My niece loves the stamps! Keep them coming! They are really appreciated.

giuliano- welcome to the blog! How's Rome?..... At this time between my evening classes, working for CBS during the day, answering my fan mail and writing my two blogs (yes, this personal one, and a BnB blog) I seldom write email letters. Just write me here or on my other blog whenever you can. OK?

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your comment.
I send next week more stamps for your niece.

I love you.


Carolyn said...

Thanks for the reply, Jennifer.
It is because of that fine line that your contact is so appreciated.

I don't know if I'd open that door. You do an excellent job of knowing how to not to offend someone when they're walking the line. I bet you have some funny stories about the subject. (Not asking you to share them because they're too personal and I know you have to be careful of hurting someone's feelings.)

I would think as a family member, it is bittersweet to have someone in the lime-light. You want them to achieve their dreams, but at the same time, you worry about their privacy and safety. It's clear you have learned how to handle it with grace and dignity.

Hey, did you figure out what you're going to be for Halloween yet?

Giuliano said...

Dear Jennifer!
You are a splendid girl!
In Italy we appreciate you because you are a special person and i am sure that in real life you are a very human and sweet girl!
I have a funny question for you: in these days we are wathing Eric that goes out naked when you meet Stephanie! :-)
But he was really naked????????
I think no! :-)
You are my preferite actress!
I hope to know you a day! :-)

Vera said...

Hey sweet heart,i will write to the show and let them know.... I love curly hair as mine is curly and my ex bestfriend ( my hairdresser go figure ). Had made me to love them.... :p, hey if Pam make your hair perm, while your sleeping it would be great, you find it ready. He he he joke, dont want to see Pam messing around your hair.....

Carolyn said...

P.S. On the subject of hair:

Remember when Donna Logan was going to be announced as Eric's fiance at the Fashion Show and how he had designed her dress for her? Remember that hairpiece you had on? It looked great on you, but at the time I was wondering if it was uncomfortable and what you thought about it.

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Well of course everyone feels sorry for Pam, because she has her sister on her side. And Stephanie's the queen of having one set of rules for her family and one for everyone else, especially when "everyone else" is a Logan, so her defense of Pam is par for the course. And as for Eric feeling the same way, that's just the kind of guy he is. It's one of the things Donna loves about him, but she might wish at times like this he wasn't such a nice, caring guy when family is concerned.

As for the t-shirt, it might backfire on you if Eric gets a look at it. He might think it's a bit much. Maybe you should just wait for him to show his gratitude now that he knows why Donna really dumped him and get his attention that way. :)

sam bell said...

hey jennifer thats for ur comment!

i dont get to have a nice halloween now :( work changed my roster so now i have to work next friday now, but i will still make a jack o latern but ill have to do it on the thursday

do u know what u will dress up as?
please have green hair that would be awsome

and after ur halloween u have to tell me all about it i would love to know what a real american halloween is like, like what u wear, what u eat, if u play games, descorations all that kinda stuff would be awsome to know

and do they really throw eggs at somebodys house if they dont give them any candy??lol that would be funny seeing u doing that!

love sammy.b

p.s i checked the mail website and it says the package i sent u was deliever today
i hope u like it

sam bell said...


Giuliano said...

hello Jenni! :-)
You dont know this,but there is an old actor of Beautiful that is friend of a my friend that lives near me in rome!
Let me the time to explain you all details :-)
In the next days i explain you all !

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

joke- Thank you again for all of your letters.

carolyn- I am not sure what I will be for Halloween, but I will let you know. Thanks for your comments.

giuliano-I am glad that our show is so popular in Italy. My uncle in Sicily tells me that
his town (where my family comes from) follows the show. My grandmother was born in Militello in Val di Catania. My family visited there this past summer and plan to go back again next year.

vera- Thanks for helping ...yes, please always write the show with your comments..particually good ones! They love to hear from you! Tell them about the hair idea, just no Pam with hair perms in the night!

carolyn- No the hair piece was not really uncomfortable. Hairdressing does an amazing job!

scott n- You are right. Everyone feels sorry for Pam, yet poor Donna does not get too much sympathy. Just wait and keep watching, more is coming. Pam =Trouble for Donna!

sam bell-I will be going out for Halloween on the east coast. I promise I will not throw eggs or do any tricky things. I will be with my nieces and must be a good role model!
BTW. I am here on the east coast and will check the mail when I return to BnB.

giuliano-Please tell me about this actor of Beautiful.

sam bell said...

hey jen thanks for ur message!
i hope u have a happy halloween!

im gonna make 1 of those jack o laterns for the 1st time wish me good luck i dont know how it will turn out lol and i think ill make some pumkpin soup
and im gonna watch some scary movies

say hello to rebecca for me and if she dresses up i wanna see a photo lol and u to!

love sammy.b
p.s have a safe trip back to the west coast

Vera said...

Oh dont worry sweet, i will let them know but tell them.. No Pammy messing up with Donnas hair.... I had always enjoyed writing to the show, hope they listen what i have to say!! :p...

P.S. sorry for the delay, as i didnt knew you had replayed once again!!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell - I am going out tonight for Halloween, My nieces are going our with me.
We dressed up in so many costumes today. but I am not sure just which one I will choose. BTW Rebecca promises to dress up too. We will take some photos and post them so you will know.

vera-Thanks for your comments. Please write to the show and tell them your comments. They want to know what you are thinking.

sam bell said...

hey jen!
thank u for ur message!

yes u will have to show me a photo of u and rebecca that would be awsome!!i cant wait to see it!
i hope u have a great night!
say hello to the crab queen for me!

love sam

Giuliano said...

hello dear Jenni!
I have written you about the actor of Beautiful.
How are you?
All ok ?
I hope that you are fine.
What will you do in Christmas ?
I hope that we can keep in contact telefonically; then i send you in private my mobile number so sometimes we can send sms each other!