Thursday, November 13, 2008

Living in Los Angeles

I know this week I already posted here on my personal blog and on the Bold and Beautiful blog...To check out that one, I wrote about what a typical day off is like. You can check it out here: Bold and Beautiful blog

In that entry I didn't get into that much detail about a typical night on the party scene. For sure, it can be pretty crazy and every group of friends has their on places to hang out. Just to give you a few details...

The Dinner Party
My friends like to meet up for a "dinner parties". Dinner usually begins at 7 or 8 and can go for hours. If the person is lucky enough to have a pool, the party ends up in the water. I wrote about one party I attended in the valley a few weeks ago, where half the guests ended up in the pool with their clothing on. I know that sounds like scene from a movie...right? Interested in hearing what's prepared? Let me know...

Everyone Drives
In LA everyone drives, so it's not hard to see which house is having a bash. Cars can be parked for blocks along the road. When I go to a place like that and you can actually hear the music before you see the house, it reminds of my college and going to a frat party. Anyone else having this memory?

The Restaurant
In LA going to a restaurant can be entertaining if you pick the same place minutes before as say someone really famous. All the photogs are there hanging out on the sidewalk and the famous person is inside. The people in the restaurant don't really care, and it's business as usual. Or at least it looks that way. However the scene outside is different. Bodyguards, SUVs, and lots of flashing. The most famous person I have seen eating in LA has to be Brad Pit.

So, what's your impression of LA and have you ever been here? Is there something you want to know about living here? Go ahead and ask away.

Oh, the picture at the top is my Grand Aunt Vicki and her granddaughter that wants to get into acting (so my second cousin?)...I included this picture here because none of her friends believe we are related. I hope this proves it...let me know Shelbi!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
ur new blog is great!

it sounds like u have lots of fun!
ur a party person

ive never been to los angeles b4 but i will go there next year for the fan event, ive always wanted to goto america, i cant wait!!

what are some attractions u would recommend for me?

love sam

Vera said...

Your new blog is amazing and i really loved it!!!!

Sounds fun, parties are cool but i hate them... Never been too one, better say im not that type of person, id prefer watch a soccer match ( only italian teams, and only Milan ) and fights with the TV or watch a great movie....Or go to baystreet ( its a big shopping complex ) with my bestfriend and gossip around, more about guys and what is happening atm here....

I had never been there, but i would love. I hope i come next year to BnB fan event, im so in Love with LA...

Is it like everywhere you go theres paparazzi? And the weather??

Joke Devos said...

Hey Jennifer,

Your new blog is so great.
I love your blogs

I've 3x to Los Angeles.
My favourite city from USA is Los Angeles. Los Angeles is so great.
And Next year go I back for the fourth time
I can not waits fot you see back next year.

I miss you, Cathy, and everyone from B&B.

Much Love

vito said...

Hi Jenny,
in your last message you ask me if i have been in Militello, well i have been in Militello 2 years ago in my last west-sicily holiday tour.
I remember Militello like a small city near Catania , but very very particular beacuse's strange when i have been in Militello i fell as if the time has stopped , the people are beautiful, kind, friendly, you can free your mind from the city-stress and also you can admire the wonderful monumental churches (Militello has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites).

But if you will be in Militello you must visit the Catania city an other artistic city (big in compare Militello:) ) with the " ETNA" the famous volcano.
Another city is Taormina the sicilian turist capital, wonderful.

And if you have more time you must visit (where i live in summer) the "Aeolian Islands", seven little different jewelry in a wonderful sea, look this site:

P.S : in you last post i read “ ... is my next stop when I get time off from school and work”, so are you also a teacher ?

Ciao Jenny and sorry sorry for my bad english.


Mike© said...

Jennifer -

Living in Southern California certainly has its perks - like when it is warm enough to swim late at night outside after a dinner party!

I agree with you about being able to tell where the parties are - although where I live in Brentwood it is mostly older couples with no children at home, so it is very quiet....but down the hill from where I am, closer to Sunset - watch out! The sounds from those parties echo up the canyon, let me tell you! The other thing I find funny about these parties here is the "valet" parking - only in Southern California!

Now restaurants....we are lucky to live where there is an abundance of great restaurants. And next week (11/17-11/21) there is the "Open Table Appetite Stimulus Plan" in LA/Orange County - discounted meals at some of the best restaurants! You should check it out on's website.

Buon appetito!


Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

Wow, those parties sound like fun. Hearing about you always being around the pool all year round makes me miss the days I used to spend 3-4 months a year in the Southern California area for work during the winter. These days, being home in the East, I'm grateful for 50 degree weather in November like I have now. The part about being in the pool with your clothes on sounds different. And yes, I'd love to hear what's prepared for those parties.

Where I went to college, most of the dorms and stuff were places that you couldn't really park near, so I never had the kind of experience you mention with seeing the cars lined up as you got near the party. Although I do remember something like that when I moved off campus, since you'd see cars parked all the way down the block when the off-campus folks had parties.

As for my L.A. experience, I spent 4 years in the 90s doing a lot of traveling to my company's site in the Southern California area; while our offices were a bit south of L.A. proper in Cerritos, we still had clients closer to the heart of L.A., and I remember sightseeing and going to places like Universal and the Hollywood walk of fame. We closed our California office in 1994, but I've been back to L.A. 3 times since then, once in 1999 on vacation, which was the time I mentioned once before where I saw you for the first time at CBS. And then I came back in 2005 and 2007 for the B&B and Y&R Fan Events. I almost was there in 2003, but my flight was canceled because of the NYC blackout. And of course, I'm looking forward to next year's fan event already. L.A. was always so much more laid back than NY, although getting used to the freeways was an experience.

That's a cool pic of your great aunt and your cousin. Maybe we might be watching Shelbi on our screens every day some day. :-)

Take care as always.

- Scott

Janis Petzold said...

Jennifer- What are some of your favorite places to go to hang out in LA? I have always wanted to come to California and to see LA and San Diego for sure. Who do you usually go out with? What is your favorite Drink? I like Margaritas, Daquiri's and wine and sometimes light beer. I have had a blue lagoon and a cosmopolitan once.

Janis Petzold said...

jennifer-check out my blog. hope you are having fun this Month shooting scenes for B&B. How far ahead do you all shoot the scenes before we see them on TV? I know that you all must have a break for the Hoildays. I love watching John McCook play the piano with the cast all around drinking eggnog. Who is your favorite and least favorite costar? Do you get along with Susan Flannery off screen?

dj ashrafi said...

Hi Jennifer LA seems like fun...must be an energetic party place ..Im sure i would love it.hope to visit soon..What kind of music do you personally like???

Joke Devos said...

Hey Jennifer,

I late you know that I send these week a letter to you.

Happy week.


Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell- Attractions.....I think that you might want to take scheduled tours. It can be difficult to rent a car, be alone, and try to figure out where to go. I live there and sometimes still get lost...(geez, don't tell anyone that?!) ha ha. There are some great tours and you should check out 'package deals" before you leave. Of course, there is Disney and that can be exciting, but also expensive. If you purchase tours with your flight, it might be convenient. Let me know what you find.

vera- I talked to Cathy and she said that they do not yet have the date for the Summer Fan Event 2009. In fact, they will not have a date until February 2009. Keep watching because I will post it the minute I get it from Cathy. this even is going to be awesome. I think I will know a lot of people that are attending...that's always fun!

joke- I am glad that you will be coming to LA for the next fan event 2009. Maybe you can give sam bell some suggestions since you are a veteran on the LA scene. Did you find it best to pre book your tours?

vito-I am so glad that you enjoyed Militello in Val di Cantania. I have always tried to imagine what it would look like and what the people would be like. Thanks for sharing your comments. I do plan on checking this out myself. My family has been to Etna and Taormina, and have wonderful comments to say too. You asked if I was a teacher, no, I am not. I am going back to school to get my MBA. It is one of my goals and I promised myself that I would do this. I don't know what I'll do with the degree...but I'll have done what I promised myself, and that's awesome!

mike- I will check the "Open Table Plan" It could be lots of fun. Thanks for the suggestions.
I like to go out to eat with my friends. And when there is a bargin, that's even better! Thanks...

scott n- I am sure that you miss the warm weather. Swimming all year long is a nice benefit...but however, the fires...well, you must be watching that on the news. I love the East coast, but I do not miss the cold rain. ohhhh. Yes, we do get rain, and sometimes too much. (You have seen those pictures in the newspaper where houses slid down the hills.) What I miss: MY Family!
I just visited and had the opportunity to spend time with everyone. That can be difficult, but I did it, and it was truly wonderful. I have 20'some cousins just on my dad's side...(and that's NOT the italian you can imagine...)

janis petzold- Thanks for the blog....I must say that I really enjoy working with all of the cast. They are just great....we go out together and have a cast party and we truly enjoy each other. We just recently celebrated and it was so much fun. I "could have danced and celebrated all night!" Well,.....I almost did! And we just did the cast photo, which is really great. I love it when we are all together.

dj ashrafi- I am so glad that you connected with me here. THANKS...I love LA. You are correct, it has energy, like a beat...I can feel it when I go out with my friends and we party or have a meal together. there is excitment, and when someone really super famous comes along, it's like a movie in real life. You just stare and say, "oh, wow" they walk past.

joke- YES ...I received your wonderful letter. IN FACT, I mailed the stamps to my niece. I want her to learn more about the world through these individual country stamps. I know that she will probably not travel to all of these places, but by studying their seals she will learn more about them. PLUS she can study their location and thus help her in geography. And then maybe one day, when she's older, she'll invite me along when she does decide to backpack across Europe! hahaha...

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thank u so much for ur comment!!!
i will have to book some tours b4 i goto america for the fan event, when i do ill let u know what tours and attractions i have planned
i would love to see the famous stars names on the ground! did they give you your own star?
and disney would be awsome because i love rollercoasters and rides!
ive been on a giant drop rollercoaster that is meant to be the tallest drop in the southern hemisphere
i cant wait for the fan event!
ill be so shy but i know i will take a million photos!
it would be awsome to meet you!!! and the other cast and the fans!
do you think rebecca will go aslo?
that would be great!

love sam

sam bell said...

p.s i know i wont be driving over there for sure!
you guys drive on the wrong side of the road lol i would be so confused!
dont worry i let lost where i live all the time too and its only a small city! i have no sense of direction!

Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I miss the warm weather when we get to the cold winter times, but I definitely don't miss the freeways. :-) Like you said, even someone living there for years like you can occasionally be daunted by Southern California highways, and I'm just glad I can get MapQuest on my Blackberry for when I need help. But even with the crazy highways, I still rent a car when I come out, since I typically search around for the best buys in hotels in the area and also then have the freedom to sightsee or go to eat on my own schedule. And yes, I know all too well that the song that says "It never rains in Southern California" is just a myth, having been stuck on an L.A. freeway in the rain many times. But having driven in snow, I typically just suck it up and deal with it when that happens.

Take care, as always...

- Scott

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer.

Thanks for your comments.
You make my day soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.


Vera said...

Thank you Jen.. I just hope id make it to the states.... I have to beg mommy....Thankx for answering!!

Alicia said...

I love L.A. and all of So*Cal in general. I live in northern Cali and it's the complete opposite from southern Cali. The weather is awesome down there and there's so much to do. The only thing I don't like about it down there is the driving. The traffic can be so crazy at times!

Jen, I have a question - I'm curious to know, do you ever get stopped on the street or like at the store by fans? What's the craziest encounter you ever had?