Monday, November 10, 2008

You Never Really Grow up at "Home"

Did you ever notice that when you go "home" you never really grow up? Well, in my house, it's certainly the truth.

Last week I was on the East Coast hanging out with my family...and even though I am "all grown up", my mom still doles out the chores. And probably, it's a good thing because we all learned at any early age it's just part of life. BUT, I will admit, sometimes it transports me back to feeling just like a little kid! Which is also probably good because it keeps me in check.

So, many of you have seen my Compost Video on YouTube, but for those of you that haven't, I included it here...

This is me teaching my sister all about composting. Ha Ha, which in itself is hilarious because let's face it...I am a LA Diva now! And she is a NYC Momma with no chance to compost (I mean central park police would probably arrest her if she did this!)

So, basically, it's just us trying to have some fun with a chore that our mother gave us. See, acting like little kids again...but we sure do love it!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
this is my fave video!!!
i been watching it everyday now i think you guys are so funny!!!!
it was such a random topic!
its funny because u are a movie star and then we see u doing the compost lol
you and rebecca have nice laughs and accents!

u get deer, possums and ground hogs
and i get kangaroos,koalas,blue tongue lizards,toads,frogs
i would love to see ur american animals

in the video you and rebecca are like lil kids again its so cute!!
thanks for sharing ur home videos

love sam

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennufer

Thank you for rhe video.
Your sister & you are best friends
I love these video from you and your sister.


Mike© said...


You are an LA Diva who isn't too proud to work the compost heap. Love it!

I can't imagine the wildlife the compost heap attracts....not to mention the stench. Blech! :)

I saw your reply about the frozen Whoopie Pies - yum! I freeze the chocolate "Basket" cake from Hansen's Bakery in Beverly Hills - It tastes even better frozen than fresh. Give it a try - if you like frozen buttercream, you'll love it. And definitely go for the chocolate chip filling!


Vera said...

omg i cannot stop watching it, and you guys are funny!! God, and yea you cant watch it and then eat cos it makes ya puke ( well for me, that i puke for a small thing )!! But serious, you both are soooooooooooo funny!!!! Esp when your counting, and yes you have a great accent and laugh!!!! Great topic, thank you!!!

peter said...

Hi Jennifer, you really make an amazing performance playing Donna on the B&B:. Your my favourite actress`s on the B&B!

Love Peter (HP).

vito said...

Hey Jenny,

very compliments for your family ...i ilike to see a union family.
Have Your family told you in Militello city born the most important italian show man (Pippo Baudo)?
Very strange...Pippo Baudo , tGareis this small ciy is an artistic city :).


Scott N said...


Thanks for sharing the video. I can see where Rebecca might get out of practice with something like doing compost living in New York City, so your little lesson probably gave her a gentle reminder. Of course, you seemed pretty adept at it even after years of living in L.A., so being out of practice isn't really an excuse for you sis. :-)

How long has Rebecca lived in New York? And does she actually live in Manhattan, or in one of the surrounding areas?

I hope all's well and that you're busy in a good way with lots of work on B&B. Take care.

- Scott

P.S. I forgot to mention last time that I put links to both your blogs in the B&B News section of my B&B fan site. I had a section on B&B stars reaching out to their fans on the Internet and it fit right in.

shavrilla said...

The video had me cracking up! I remember your mom getting on you about the chores. Although your attitude was not always chipper. We were teenagers and too cool for meanial house work..ha.ha..
I went to Milton Hershey School and had to milk cows at 5am. I hated it, and sometimes would even cry. Now I am greatful to have had that experience.
There's no place like home, and one should never forget where they came from, it's what makes us who we are today.
You and Becky are still silly as ever! The video took me back to a good place. Thanx:)


Carolyn said...

Hello Jennifer and Rebecca,

Cute video! Although I'm sure at times it's kind of a drag to have each other on opposite sides of the country, it's great for having a place to visit.

I bet you convinced yourselves when you were kids that The Only reason why your mom had you is to do chores.

So tell us, what kind of wild animals roam in that lovely back yard? Ever see a bear - no pun intended to the bear episode!

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

sam bell- Thanks for you comments. Yes, we do get a few small wild animals in the wooded area around our home. My sister Rebecca said she never appreciated the "green spaces" around our home until she moved to NYC. Except for Central Park, they is not too much green around her home. What we did as choruses growing, we just do for fun now.

joke-We have fun when we get together. Unfortunately NYC and CA. are far apart so we do not get together too often.

mike@- Sounds so delicious. I have been doing a few bathing suit scenes on BnB so I am watching my chocolate intake. I have to make sure my calorie intake doesn't get too high. Right? Better to have Donna slim and in shape?!

vera- That's funny that you think we have a good accent. I do not hear it!

peter-Thank you so much Peter. I am so glad that you are enjoying Donna Logan. She is my favorite character too. I want her to be on BnB forever!!!!!

vito-Have you been to Militello? That is my next stop when I get time off from school and work. My family visits there and they tell me about the great the town and people.

scott n- Once again I want to say THANK YOU. I really would love to get my blogs and
You Tube seen by more viewers. You certainly know how to get to that goal. I wish that I could get to the East cost more often and make videos with my sister. She is coming to CA. with her family, but how do you take all of that equipment on the planes today? BTW...YES, sister Rebecca lives in Manhatten with her family. West be specific.

shavrilla- so glad that you wrote. So you milked cows at I guess the compost in the morning (say....8 am.) is not too back? I send you tons of love and hope that all is well with you. So you remember my "chores days?"

carolyn- NO way not bears...or at least I never saw one. I have seen many deer in the woods. Of course, no hunting is allowed! You are correct, I love the weather in CA., but I really do not like how far I am from my family. But as you'll see in my BnB blog, I also love hanging out with my LA friends...they are so fun!

Vera said...

Ha Ha Ha, serious. Maybe its cos you speak it all the time :p

Checking your other blog!!!

Joke Devos said...

Thank you so much for your comment.
My day is so good.


rickn14 said...

Jennifer,I understand the feeling,feel like kid when your come back in your native place.Of course now I live in birth region,but 10 years ago,I lived in another region and each time,I'd come back in native place,I'd see back my elementary school,I'd think back to my grand-parents,I saw after school and the smell of the kitchen,the taste of home meal.
you right that's good to be home.
a la prochaine

sam bell said...

hey jennifer thank u so much for ur comment!!
i still watch this video all the time its so funny!

i wish you could see the australian animals i find in my back and front yard! i would love to see ur american animals!

you and rebecca have to make another video like this!!
you guys should make a mini series of the adventures you 2 have together that would be awsome!!

love sam