Thursday, November 20, 2008

What we really want? Love and Good Laughs

So, are you just hanging off the edge of your seat watching poor Donna Logan do her "I'm not that into you dance" at the office with Owen as he bombards her with advances and sweet smiles? And he sure is cute. And as you know, we aren't the only one watching Donna to see how this forbidden fruit might tempt her. Eric has his own special eye in the sky to monitor Donna's every move. I wrote a little about "just a regular day in the office" on my Bold and Beautiful blog, you can check it out here: Bold and Beautiful blog

OK, so in honor of Eric setting up a situation because he loves Donna...I wanted to share with you this really silly video we filmed about Gnomes in the Woods. Now, most of you are grown ups and realize gnomes aren't (ahem) real. Right? You do realize that...but the kids in this video don't realize that at all. They believe it.

So, I ask you...what's the difference between these kids believing in gnomes, and poor Donna in her situation. In this example could "Owen" be like the gnome? Placed in the perfect spot to create a stir? And I guess, the question is, will Donna go looking? Ok, I am stretching this here as the best excuse to share my Gnome video...the parlay wasn't smooth, but just wanted to create some good laughs...because in the end, isn't that what we all really want...I think so.


Vera said...

He he he the video was really cool and the kids are sooo cute... I didnt knew that Gnomes is, untill i see one at the end....

And about Donna as i had said in your other blog. BnB one,Owen is begin used my Thorne and Eric, and if they can do something they can so it outside.. And they arent gonna sit infront the monitor 24/7.. For sure they will fall asleep... I do think that she will fall for him, he is cute,charming, sweet smiles whatelse....

Is Donna working in the same office as Erics or Owens or nobody? As im kinda curious now, but we had seen her in Owens office so i was betting she is with him!!!

Another great blog of you!!!!!

Vera said...

I meant: If they can do something ( Dowen ), they can do it outside as there wont be any cameras. And i found it odd, a camera in the office.....

sam bell said...

hey jennifer ur new blog rocks!!
the new photo is great!
i love it when you and MR are holding hands and run off, its so cute like your a lil kid again
all the children are so cute!!

when i 1st saw the video i really thought there were lil people in the woods i believed you!!
and then i saw the toy and was like ohhhh lol

its a awsome video!! its like a hunt for gnomes, do you guys have easter egg hunts too?

i remember years ago in like grade 3 i had to do a assignment on gnomes lol!

i think that if donna really believes in something then anything is possible or believable, just like the gnomes are for lil kids

im going away for 4 days down to sydney, so i hope u have an awsome weekend!!

thank u for ur new blog! its fun seeing the things u think about

love sam

Carolyn said...

Wow! Fascinating!!! My, you sure are lucky to see the gnomes with the help of those cool kids to help you spot them. Some people have all the luck.

I wonder if they're related to the Leprechauns that sneak into my cousin's elementary school and pee green in the toilets on St. Patrick's Day. Hmmm...very interesting.

Indeed, the greatest gifts in life is laughter and love. Great Blog! Really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing it with us.

All the best,

sam bell said...

p.s i just have to see ur teeth are so nice there perfect!!
i bet ur dentist must be happy with you

Joke Devos said...

Hey Jennifer,

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your letter.
I'm very happy.

Wow great new blog.
Your video with father and you and the kids was cool.

New pic are so beautiful.
I've just a comment on your B&B Blog posted.


Diva said...

Bless the little kiddies in the video.
I find it amazing how kids have such a fantastic imagination.
Its such a shame that once we all get older we forget about the fun things in life sometimes but children really are so honest and see the world in a much more magical way.
This video made me really think about that I suppose.

Oh and I am rooting for "Donwen"(Donna and Owen) I dont care what anyone else says lol.
"donwen" all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

vito said...

Ciao Jenny,

you have a fantastic family !
all friendly and funny people ( how i can see in the video)....

I have an idea: a new tv show ......
" The Gareis Family "

on CBS - Monday at 8 p.m


Anonymous said...

Hello Jennifer,

My name is Silvia and I'm a Vito 's friend...

A big big kiss from Sardinia and... could you kill Stefanie... ??? Pleaseee...

It's a gag... bye bye


Scott N said...

Hi, Jen:

That's a cute video. It's always fun to watch kids when they're still young enough to believe in things like gnomes.

As for your connection between Owen and the gnomes: well, it is a bit of a stretch, but it was a good try. :-) But if you want to stick with the comparison, Thorne is playing the role of the kids, since he's the one expecting to find the "gnome" with the assumption that trouble will follow. Eric, on the other hand, is kind of on the fence: he doesn't want to believe in gnomes, but he fears that there will be trouble if in fact gnomes are real. How's that for connecting this back to your story on the show? :-)

I just caught a preview of Monday's Donna in the bubble-bath episode; looks like it's going to be fun. How long ago did you tape that episode?

Hope all is well, as always. Take care.

- Scott

Monica said...

Hi Jennifer.

That was a fun video,you guys were so cute.I just becamse an aunt last week and watching this video makes me realize what fun is ahead.Are there really Gnomes out there? Beats me!

Speaking of Donna,I love the Donna/Pam stuff,is there more around the corner? If not yet,perhaps you could give the producer a hint that they are wanted?Donna&Thorne? Only if they become this naughty,scheeming duo giving everyone a run for their money.

Thanks for doing the interview with Glamoursällskapet,it turned out great! We think Donna/Jennifer rock!

All the best/

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Vera- Just know that if those Forrester Brats cannot find something wrong they will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. There is no stopping them! Hey..I am writing about my step kids. How did a nice guy like Eric get kids like that? I guess the mom had a lot to do with their behavior. Stay tuned!!!
Can you imagine, watching a lap top screen all day....when do they get their work done?

sam bell-My Dad also took a video of a gnome hunt we did later that day. We will have to watch it and see if it is different. How different can you get hunting for gnomes? YES, gnomes have lived in our woods since my brother David was little. He would always hunt for them, but you know "looking" not really "hunting"...

carolyn- Green pee.....never saw that in the woods. We do have lots of other wild creatures living there. We do have deer, squirrels, tons of rabbits, groundhogs, neighbors dogs and cats and anything else that moves. HOPEFULLY no bears!

sam- My teeth have been a lifetime challenge. I broke the bottom of a front tooth as a young child when I fell in a pool and hit the bottom. I was involved in a terrible yellow cab accident in NYC and had my front teeth smashed. Luckily, I did not suffer permanent damage. I knocked my front teeth back when I feel off of a huge surf board in Hawaii and the board came back and hit me in the face. I required surgery and a mouth brace for a long time. NOW..when doing any sports, I wear a mouth guard!

joke- I just wrote Cathy an email and told her that you send greetings, and look forward to seeing her for the fan event.

diva- Thanks for your comments. Keep cheering, I can almost hear you. I am so glad that Donna (that' s me) has fans that like to follow her quest for a man (young or older)

vito- My sister Rebecca loves to make Cooking videos and her kids are her helpers. Check them out! Just look up Rebecca Gareis Bent. She owns a seafood company that has a blog and a personal one too. She's also a cookbook writer. She's everywhere. She is always adding new material and asking me to join her in the kitchen!

Silvia- I am glad that you checked out my blog. I would love to also visit Sardinia one day.
How is the weather different from wonderful Sicily's?

Scott N- The entire staff at BnB is working hard to get all of our scripts rehearsed, blocked and ready for filming in a very timely manner. Everyone is making an effort to stay within a time frame and not run over. We are trying to get scenes done with one taping. Of course that does not always happen, but we try! And I love your gnome connection...very funny.

Alicia- Hello and welcome to the blogger from northern CA. You are correct, the traffic can really be terrible in the South.
OK..... One of the stranger encounters I had occurred early in my soap opera career. It happened when I was Grace Turner on Y&R and was causing a martial problem between Nick Neuman and wife Sharon. I was shopping in a department store with my mother in southern CA. An older woman walked up to me and yelled and criticized me for causing such a problem in the Neuman's happy lives. I think she called me a hussie, or something worse. She left just as quickly as she appeared.

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

Thank you so much for your comment. You make me very happy.
I've a message sent to you at Facebook.


sam bell said...

hey jennifer thank u so much for ur comments!!

thats terrible all the bad things that happend to ur teeth!! it must of hurt so much u poor thing!!
and even on the bold and the beautiful pammy gave u yellow teeth!

and ur comment to Alicia is so funny how some crazy woman in the store was going off at you over the tv show LOL!!

love sam

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny,

mmm... now in Sardinia there 's an incredible wind!'s winter unfortunately for us too!

Sorry if my english is no perfect...

now Vito will kill me for what I am about to write... SARDINIA IS BETTER THAT SICILYYYYYY!!!

a big kiss Jenny


Vera said...

Thankx for the replay!!You are right the forresters will find something. For sure they knows how to lie ( and im a bit of forresters fan as im Ridge, Thorne and Felicia fan and eric aswell :) )....And i just dont know why they does this kind of things, for sure they got it from their precious mommy, their dad isnt like that at all!! And oh, dnt wry they havent treated you good, so im giving the go ahead ( speaking of Donna :P).... Im curious how can he sit there all time, have work to do and does fell asleep. Cos for sure i will fall asleep...

vito said...

Sardina is better to Sicily ????

Oh my god what you say dear Silvia ?????

Silvia maybe you don't know but the Jenny Familis come from the wonderful Sicily.....

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

joke- I thank you once again.....It is always great to connect with you.

sam bell-I want to thank you for that great pix that you took "down-under". You are always thinking of new and creative blog ideas. I really appreciate help. Yes, my teeth have been one of my weak points (well, not real points....he he) and I wear a mouth guard when doing sports, just in case.

silvia- So you think Sardinia is better than Sicily.... I want to check that out myself. What makes it better? According to my family, nothing can be better than Sicily.

vera- Eric is the only kind person in the entire Forrester family. BUT, why does he allow his kids (and former wife) to have so much power? He is not weak, just too willing to turn his head and not notice. HEY, Eric straighten out your view...notice Donna (that's me).

vito- seems like I am going to have to check out these wonderful islands. My family LOVES Sicily, but we have never been to Sardinia. HEY...a photo session in the South. We can stop by Malta too.

Joke Devos said...

You're sweet

sam bell said...

hey jennifer thank u so much for ur comment!!

u know when pammy made ur teeth yellow, how long did it take to make them white again?

and what was worse washing out the green in ur hair or the yellow in ur teeth?

but i bet it was fun!

lol sometimes when i swim in a pool i get a little green in my blonde hair from the chlorine chemicals

Vera said...

He is not weak, just too willing to turn his head and not notice. HEY, Eric straighten out your view...notice Donna (that's me).

Yea i could see that. And he is the sweetest person. Ijust dont know maybe its cos he trust Donna and his kids, thats why.IMO he must have the most power at FC, afterall thats his and not theres....He was weak only when he had the heart attack and was in a coma, but it doesnt mean he cannot run it!!!!! But hey, he does listen his kids more then he does to donna!!

P.S. i love sicily aswell, and its the nices island, I loved it and miss it loads.... If you come here let me know ( Malta ), im planning on going sicily next year. Maybe with my brothers girlfriend, brother and mom!!

Wouldnt it be cool if we meet?!

LauraB said...

Hi Jennifer - I shuddered when I read your comment about your teeth. Yikes! I have had so many issues with my poor two front teeth! Between falling twice when I was little, nerve issues now...Ugh! I can't stand the dentist since I practically paid for his education and the renovations to his new office lol. In any given situation I'm worried that somehow something is going to happen to my teeth even if it's physically impossible haha.

Anyway, love you on the show. Here are my words of advice for Donna: Dump Eric - he's annoying, hang out with Owen for awhile and then let me know how that was cuz DAMN! Haha!

Take care, watch those teeth!!

Anonymous said...

In fact, I joked ... I've never seen Sicily ... but like all Italian islands must surely be beautiful ...
but the next summer I will look into the sea and the beaches of Sardinia ...

A kiss Jenny