Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Script Practice Makes Perfect

When I have a script to read, I practice a few hours a day until I memorize my lines.

I have gotten use to it and have found little tricks to helping me remember.

Usually I try and put myself in the place of Donna Logan and how she would react and what she would say. Once I tap into her point of view, it's actually quite easy, or perhaps I should say, easier.

When I was on the East Coast, I took advantage of the fact that one of my nieces is an excellent out loud reader. So I put her to work. In this picture she plays Eric, and why she is wearing a cap. She felt that she needed that prop to put her in character (oh boy, looks like another actress in the making!)

I had a great time working on the lines with her and I am sure when "Donna" gets to film them with "Eric"...I'll be giggling to myself as I remember who helped me make these lines perfect.

And yes, I did blur the script! You guys are so resourceful...and I want to make sure that every episode is a surprise!!!!

And today I am going to post on Bold and Beautiful. It should show up today, so make sure to check it out! Click here!


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
i hope u had a nice trip back to the west coast

thats such a cute photo of u all!
and i love how 1 of ur niece is wearing the hat thats so cute lol

im sure when u have to film that scene with eric u will be giggling
imagine her head on his body or something lol

it must be hard to remember all those lines and also the actions,emotions and looks that goes with your lines
i dont know how u do it!
you do a fantastic job ur a natural
your my fave actress!!
when u act u look real not like some people that look like there acting you know

you look so cute and sweet in the glasses and hair band!

love sam

p.s all the out takes from the show
what do they do with them? do they keep them? they should make a video with all the funny out takes

Vera said...

Oh what a fantastic photo with your nieces they are so cute and adorable....

Practice with someone is really fun and it helps you, so you will remember what the person before you have to say, so you can eneter in your time... And i bet it was fun with your niece, which bdw she looked so cute with that hat, what an adorable gurl!!!!

Oh i want to see, a behind the scene video you know when someone makes a mistake!!! It should be fun, ha ha ha!!!

Keep up the great work, and your the best over the best! Meaning your the bestie!!!!!

Vera said...

OH bdw cos i had forgotten you looked sooooooooooooo cute and stunning with the band and glasses!!! Your a gorgoues lady :)

sam bell said...

p.s again
i just remember u said ur dentist made u a green retainer?
did u end up using it for halloween?

lol say to the children this is what will happen to ur teeth if u eat to much candy

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your photo are wonderful.
I visit to the CBS/B&B-studio's in 2005. I've see Katherine & Jack with script.
It was worth it to see how B&B work.
Do you have much work with your scriot practice?

Love Joke

Janis Petzold said...

Jennifer-Hope you had a safe trip back to LA. That looks like fun having your niece pretend to be "ERIC" so that you could practice that script. I will watch to see if you are laughing during those scenes. Can't wait to see you as Donna back on my screen soon. Have a great Day. Don't Forget to Vote.

Scott N said...

Hi, Jennifer:

I hope you had a calm and safe trip back to L.A. and that you enjoyed all your time back East with your family. Thanks for your reply back about the Soap Opera Weekly feature; I read it on my way in to work this morning through the magic of wi-fi and that gave even more insight into those outfits than the magazine had room for. Too bad they couldn't give you a couple of more pages. :-)

That's a really cute picture of you with your nieces as you rehearse. Like the others, I like the touch that the glasses and headband added. And that must have been fun with your niece playing Eric for you. Given your statement about how you try to put yourself in Donna's place when you learn your lines, would the hat have been enough to make you think of John/Eric instead of your niece if there were any kissing scenes? ;-) Or would you just skip that part and save it for when you got on the set with John?

Will you let us know when those scenes you rehearsed back East are going to air? Knowing what went into your preparing will probably make for some fun thoughts when we see you play those scenes out.

I know that in past years, B&B has tried to pack a lot of work into November so the cast and crew can enjoy the holiday season. Do they plan to do that again this year, too?

Take care.

- Scott

Robert C. said...

Blurring the script? Very smart. The award this week for thinking 2 steps ahead goes to Jennifer. :)

Lauren said...

Hi Jennifer

So thrilled to discover your blogs and see you chatting so enthusiastically about B&B and your life.

I'm in Melbourne, Australia. We are three months behind in B&B so we've just had you sitting on the stairs crying whilst Eric is in hospital.

I'm a serious addict (about 10 years now) and follow what happens in the USA via Scott Novick's page and also Mr Smartypants'. It actually makes the viewing more fun as many of the storylines take 3 months to develop, so I often burst out laughing when I hear a line as I know where it is going to lead to.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading your blogs.


sam bell said...

hey jennifer
i just noticed in the background on the right corner on the pin board theres a picture of u and that really big fish from ur vaction in mexico with ur parents
its a great photo 1 of my faves
i cant believe how big that fish was! it must of been so heavy

Carolyn said...

Hi Jennifer and "The Fam",

Another great picture of you with your nieces. They must hate it when you have to leave to go back to CA.

Yesterday when I was watching the show, I realized that Eric sometimes sounds like the voice of Winnie the Pooh. D'ya ever notice that? I'm telling you, there's times when I was ready for him to say "Oh Bother!" Now we know where Donna got the nickname Honeybear for him. ;)

dj ashrafi said...

these babies are too cute and one day will surely be a star like their aunt jennifer!!!

Mike© said...

What a great photo for you and your nieces to look back on - it looks like you were all having a fun time!

Did you get a chance to try the Whoopie Pies at SusieCakes in Brentwood yet? I'd be interested in knowing if they are anything like the ones you have back home. I think they are great :)

Jennifer Gareis' Blog said...

Sam Bell -- I had a wonderful time visiting East Coast. I wish I could return more often. I'm glad that you enjoyed my Halloween photos, and this picture with my nieces. I will have to practice my script with my acting coach or alone as I ride my stationary bike. I get to do two tasks at once.You asked about the mistakes we sometimes take. I do not know what they do with them...I'll ask. You're correct that would be fun to see...(hee hee)

Vera -- we made a video and my sister has it on youtube. It is really funny. If you ever emptied a compost bucket, or even thought about one, you will want to see this one. I am now thinking of other close we might take for the future. I'll post it shortly on my blog...

Sam Bell -- I do not have the green retainer, the dentist has it!

Joke -- I work all my script much of the evening when I return from taping at the studio. It is really important that I memorize my parts. After I am comfortable with my lines, I can add feeling and movement to them.

Janice -- thanks for your comments. You are correct when I play this scene with Eric I will try not to laugh, but at first it might be hard...but I'll figure it out.

Scott n -- and I'm back in LA. I'm glad you liked the Soap Opera weekly comments. My niece and I had fun playing the parts. By the way we skipped the kissing scenes (if there were any, so I don't give anything away!). You asked if I have a lot of work in November. The answer is I do. But I LOVE it!

Robert C. -- yes, blurring the script was necessary. My fans have great eyes. One of them figured out my dad actually was in the Army because of his name tag...remember which one did that? Thanks for the comment.

Lauren -- welcome to my blog. I'm glad to have another fan from Australia. It is great that you have been viewing Bold and Beautiful for 10 years. Since you are three months behind the US you have many exciting episodes coming up. Have you heard about the bear scene? What about the poisonous snake? Oh yea!!!!

Sam-very crafty!!!! yes, that's the fish...

Carolyn- WtP? Really...ok, I'll listen today on the set and think about that...of geez, now that's gonna make me laugh...oh boy! And I think I have a serious scene today...oh...I'll have to do some yoga and think serious thoughts...

Mike-I did not get a chance to check out the whoopie pies. I still have a small stash in my freezer. They are awesome when cut very thin (and frozen). They don't get too hard and melt in your mouth...oh, boy. Now I am hungry. but I will look into it and report!

sam bell said...

hey jennifer
thank u so much for ur messages!
is a stationary bike like 1 u ride at the gym?

i think it would be awsome to see the funny out takes from the bold and the beautiful, im sure theres lots of funny moments there!

and what does very crafty mean???
rebecca has been teaching me some american words like racey
and i picked up hot tamarle from pammy and hoochie momma from felicia lol
and u told me about the word hussy
i think ur grandma calls donna that word

love sammy.b

p.s yes i spotted the giant fish picture! that fish picture was in a soap magazine the other week
i have more soap magazines to send u over the next few weeks

Joke Devos said...

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your comment.
You make my day sooooo good.


Vera said...

Hey sweet, yea is that the one that you had sended me?!?!... Cos if so it is hillarus, and i really enjoyed watching it! 10x for sending it to me!! Or another one... You know, that i enjoy watching those stuff!!

P.S. did you reseved my present yet, the post office gal told me that it will take a week and a half. Which i really hope its not!!